Sunday, July 27, 2008

Engagement: A promise to marriage or a path to quick get rich?

G'day Everyone.

Engagement. Ah, the bliss of life when two people decide on marriage or partnership through a proposal! That is union of man and woman, gay partners, and lesbians in love. Domestically, it's all so wonderful.


Look at what "A Deaf Mom Shares Her World" wrote in her blog :

and of course, the now famous news article: (it's also been shown on CNN)

and from here on out, does everyone get really cold feet and puts away the engagement rings and start calling up lawyers and say: " I got to draw up a pre-engagement release papers and pre-marriage papers before I propose to my girl friend or boyfriend"?? With that in hand, it'll be like an awkward moment of "My love.. you gotta sign some papers before I can propose to you".
How crazy does it get to be?

You know, engagements and marriage proposals are like an unwritten honor-bound contracts of which no court has ever touched for the thousands of years. It was a matter of trust between people.

Now comes along a woman. She takes her "emotional break up" with her boyfriend's decision and hires a lawyer and manages to PROFIT $150K for it from the decision of the jury.
$150 Thousand dollars just because the wedding was called off? That's a profit for her and her lawyer.
It throws everyone else's life right now into chaos. Pastors are afraid to support an engagement.

But I can bet you that the case will be appealed. If goes to the next court and it nulls this woman's award, she may wind up with NOTHING. It could wind up in the nation's HIGHEST COURT. Anything is possible in this lawsuit happy society.

You know what? I have a former pastor who broke my heart 4 times. He broke my 3 engagements and my boyfriend I wanted to be come permanent partner with. All because his wife demanded him to influence my girlfriends and my boyfriend. He got what he wanted to please his wife.

But it was I who had the last word in. I told him and warned him " If you mess with my engagement and my boyfriend, I'm not going down alone. You'll go along for the ride as well.". My ex-pastor thought it was a weak threat. Well, he did it. He influenced my girlfriend to break up with me and of my boyfriend, he told him I was cheating on him (I wasn't at all).
Well, his ministry came to an end once I told the senior pastor and the investigator found the charges were proved. Adios, you go out!

Since then, I was asked by a lawyer one time if I wanted to sue my pastor and his wife for what they did to me? Have you ever looked a lawyer in the eye and say with a firm conviction, "The day we can get blood from solid rock, then I'll consider it". Well, that day might be here. If a woman can get that very "blood" money off the failed engagement (marriage), then anyone will be demanding the same rights to sue for the break up of engagement against anyone who suggested it!! That's why they say "The floodgates of such lawsuits might be opening up if this very $150 thousand dollar judgement is upheld in a future court".
If it happens. marriage proposals could come to a dead halt. Everyone would be better off just to live without the worry of being married.

If we end the engagements, then the future of marriage comes to an end as well. I hope this lady enjoys her $150K money. If she was smart, she would have WAITED till she got MARRIED and then quit her job and moved. Oh.. one more thing. Be honest of all your debts. Don't hide it. Because if you do, you'll never get any other chance of being married to the next person.

Semper fi.

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