Monday, July 28, 2008

The SHOT FIRED against A.G. Bell's NAME!

G'day Everyone!

Flash News! A. G. Bell's name has been officially been voted to be REMOVED from the Tower C dorm of NTID!

Please read:

Today, the final shot has been heard around the NTID Community. A.G. Bell's name is going bye-bye and off it's wonderful perch from the NTID Tower C dorm. It was clear that the A.G.Bell organization did not send a representative to defend the name of the A. G. Bell name.

The efforts of the brave NTID students and it's alumni should be proud hold an intelligent discussions and make the passionate plea that the recommendation be made to Dr. Alan Hurwitz to have A.G. Bell's name be removed. Thus, today's post in the Orange Brown Coalition is a testament to that goal.

Will there be a response from the A. G. Bell Community? One friend of mine, who's a member of the the A.G. Bell organization, said this by IM: "Expect an answer from us to the NTID Community. We will make a response".

As the shot is vibrates throughout the NTID community, the focus is now shifting. Shortly, I believe we (the NTID students and the ALUMNI) will have to begin to discuss with Dr. Hurwitz, along with the RIT Board of Trustees, on the new name of the Tower C dorm of NTID.

Again, many congratulations go to Dr. Alan Hurwitz for his work!



Jim said...

I will surely be glad to join the party for the celebration of removal of A.G. Bell off the dorm of NTID. 5 cheers to Dr. Alan Hurwitz, the students and the alumni for a job well done!

OCDAC said...

The ASL-Illiteracy Aftershock! check it out!