Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back at the Barn..

G'day Everyone!

Back at the barn and back at my desk. Glad to be home after a LONG trip to the NTID reunion in Rochester, NY.

I heard a few things while I was on vacation. So here's the run down.

Gallaudet University has been re-accredited and affirmed by the MSCHE. Actually, it was accredited at all times and the university has NEVER lost it's accreditation for any reason other than it's warning. Davila shouldn't bother to post the "We did it!" banners around the campus to celebrate it. It's rubbing salt on the wound of the protesters. I urge Davila NOT to post those banners, but it was good that he send out a personal "Thank you" letters to the alumni. However, it's time for the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees to keep their word. The search for the next president of Gallaudet University MUST BEGIN NOW! It can not wait. The BOTS of GU have sat in fear of losing accreditation. Now that the university is re-affirmed, the search process for the next president must begin now. SERIOUSLY now. Davila was a temporary president. I call on the BOTs of GU to start their process today!

Ok, I got that off my chest. Meanwhile, DBC has had a very successful conference in Wisconsin. I say a Semper FI salute to them.

Sadly, as I said before, The midtown plaza in Rochester, NY is closing up. Also heard that Rochester's sky way system is being cut apart. People won't be able to access the old midtown sky way through the Chase Bank building and old Sibley building. I went "WOW!". I honestly wonder if Rochester's economic situation is getting bad? Hopefully there's better days.

As it was confirmed in the NTID reunion, Alan Hurwitz has formally recommended that the A.G. Bell name be removed off the Tower C building. See link;
As the process starts, we hope it will go smoothly. Everyone needs to be thinking of a good person who would be well worth the honor of being on the NTID Dorm. Even if it's not a dorm any more, but the former dorm ought to have a name of a good person on it that reflects the institution of NTID. So stay thinking about it.

Let's home RIT President Destiler will understand the importance of having A.G. Bell's name removed. But sadly, I wish President Destiler made an appearance during the reunion. That would have been milestone moment for him. I can understand how busy he is.

As the next 5 years gets under way, 2013 is the next 45th reunion. I'm in hopes that it will be in JULY 2013. So listen up A.G. Bell and DBC: 45th NTID reunion is in July 2013. No taking that date! Got it? I hope so! This year was a mess of everything. *sigh* Even if DBC has had it's successes, NTID reunions remain important to everyone else! But I'm also counting down to 2018 which is the BIG NTID 50th Reunion! (depending on the world crisis events).

As we get into the month of July 2008, I'm glad to be home and NOT driving around on the weekend as the 4th of July 2008 will fall on a Friday! But how many will be out celebrating our nation's 232nd birthday? At a time when economics are a concern and General political elections are not that far away. I hope people will drive carefully. On June 30th, I was out with a friend of mine in the Scranton, PA area on the night before he was to fly home to Texas. We came upon a major accident. We saw a UPS truck that had crashed and burned. According to the news reports in the local paper, it was fatal accident. Sad to see it. So, please folks, if you drive be careful. Police will be out in force as usual. Don't drink and drive. It's not worth having a DUI on your record.

Up and happening of Next week: In the Williamsport, PA area: The Lycoming County Annual Fair in Muncy, PA. From July 10-19th. it'll be interesting!

Also, heard around in my area: US Airways is cutting it's airline service to Williamsport, PA. It's happening all over the country. Small and medium size airports are being given 90 notices that the major airlines might be cutting services in order to maximize profitable route and keep the airlines from going bankrupt in the age of high fuel prices. This hurts many people. Driving to the big cities is not always an option. So keep on your toes. How bad will this summer get to be, we'll see.

Till next post, Semper FI and enjoy the 4th weeekend!

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Jim said...

Um, isn't AG Bell name in Tower B instead of Tower C?

As for the NTID reunion, I was there as well with my family. I had a great time and it was worth every cents. If DBC has their conference in 5 years, they should move it to a different date than the NTID reunion and also another location such as Washington DC maybe? I am sure people would like to tour Washington DC while the DBC conference is going even if they have already had it in Washington DC before.

To any body who was at the DBC and miss the NTID 40th reunion, you have missed a great time to met up with old friends and even getting your picture taking with your SVP group if you went to NTID before.