Sunday, June 29, 2008

Around Rochester aera.

G'day Everyone!

The final day has turned out to be interesting. Meeting a lot of the alumni who came up at the last moment has proved to be fruitful. Everyone has enjoyed a wonderful weekend and most of us are still around here on a Sunday afternoon. It doesn't matter if we're still nursing headaches from the night before to just wanting to be with friends for one last time before hitting the road.

I decided I wanted one last day in Rochester and spending it here on the NTID campus where a friend of mine, who's staying with me in my hotel, is attending a high school reunion of his own. It's given me the chance to get on a computer terminal and post today's story. It's kind of sad and happy. I am in hopes that there's another good 5 years in the world left to happen and that we can celebrate again in 2013.

I have walked the campus and seen a lot of the changes here. I should be jealous for all the present students who have the best of everything on this campus today. Where as we, the alumni, have fought tooth and nail of getting things done. I believe Dr. Hurwitz will make some big accomplishments that can be celebrated again in 5 years. I hope many of the current students will be thankful that the alumni of NTID have supported this fine institution for the past 4o years and the continued support for the next 40 years.

One of the most saddest things that I found out is the midtown plaza. Midtown plaza, the nation's first indoor mall, is coming to a close here. It'll be changed and sold off to make room for a new development. Sad. I loved that place. Especially with the clock tower in the center of the mall. What does it mean for Rochester? I am in hopes that we are not entering a bad economic time here. But anything can happen.

Well, by tomorrow I hit the road home. Have to drop a friend off and then go from there. It's sad to see friends leave, but then again, there's always my VP that I will be using once more.
So, as I close this, another 40 years of NTID have just begun. Maybe in 40 years, I will have a kid to come to NTID as well. Who knows? Time will only tell.

Semper Fi

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