Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Road to NTID 40th Reunion.

G'day Everyone!

Well, it's time to hit the road for me. I'm starting on 1 week trip that will take me the round about way to the NTID 40th Reunion. I'm meeting up 2 friends in one city and then head up to Rochester area at a day early, so that we can all rest and relax before the reunion begins.

Actually, my trip was suppose to have started last weekend. I was suppose to see a friend of mine in Allentown, PA. But then friday, my car got struck by lighting and it's electrical systems got screwed up. Then Saturday, something else happened. By Sunday, the car was ok.. but I still rushed it to my faithful mechanic who went over it with a fine tooth comb. He said "Your wagon is a tough car. Everything should be FRIED! But it seems to be working right now". I'll just knock on wood for luck and go with that.

A quick trip to another place and I'm all set . I hate how the weekend went. But that's life. One of the best things I did before I left was help my mum around the house and plant new windbreaker trees. Tough work, but did it.

Presently, I'm nearly done packing and I'm about to hit the road. My feelings are all in the mix and I'm praying for a safe trip. Just as much as I'm praying for all of the NTID alumni who will be coming to Rochester by Car, Bus, Plane, and Train! (humm.. should have there been a competition to see who comes from the farthest way? NAH!) I'm not happy with the gas prices. But then again, this will be a good reunion for us all. The memories will be worth it.

Will DBC attendance suffer? I doubt it. What about the AG Bell conference? I doubt they'll suffer any attendance. But if they want to defend the name of the dorm on the NTID campus, they'll have to give up their conference and come to the Reunion. Unfortunately, it seems more likely that the more discussions happen, the greater change that A.G.Bell name will be moved off the dorm and suggestions for the new name will happen. But we'll find out as things kick off on Thursday.

I hope I'll find my friends there. I'll be around as usual.

Update: I'm in Rochester. I didn't have time to post this earlier.
But if you are at the Reunion and see a sherlock hat floating around someone's head.. that's me.
Stop and say HI!!

See you here in ROCHESTER! What a CAMPUS! BIG CHANGES! Gotta run.


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