Friday, June 27, 2008

Parking and relaxing at the NTID Reunion.

G'day Everyone!

Ah.. pease (peace) and quiet for a few moments. I'm hiding in a cube so I can post this today.

My car's parked safely under some trees to protect it from hail in case we get a BAD thunderstorm. humm.. bad choice of words, if I don't have to worry about hail, I'll have to worry about tree branches! :-)

Nearly everyone wants to talk to me, ask me about my web page and so on. One of the good news is that Dr. Alan Hurwitz DOES WANT the A.G. Bell name off TOWER C dorm! (not tower B, my bad folks). So Dr. Hurwitz is following a process and we, as a deaf community, have to start thinking about names that could gracefully replace on the A.G. Bell dorm. That will be a wonderful moment.

Have been tromping around campus. It's huge now. You need a skateboard or sagway (motor scooter) to get around campus. RIT bookstore is moving to another part of campus and become a "Barnes&Nobels@ RIT" store! AHH, changes. It's not the same place where from the class of 68 to 1990s knew how we have to work our butts off for our classes to earn those degrees. But look at how today's student kids are being treated!! Almost in a life of STYLE! I kid you not! It is amazing!

I am aware of what's happens at Gallaudet University. I heard of what MSCHE is doing. My comments will be in a few post when I get home.

For now, I have to get back out to the crowd. Lots of people to meet. A few old cases to solve, and a few new ones to consider. Hopefully, everyone will have a great time here. Tonight.. CJ Jones performs in NTID theater after "The WRONG GAME".

(don't ask me what is the WRONG game. you have to be right with yourself to GO SEE IT!)


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David Ennis said...

After the goal of removing the AGB plaque is completely met, you probably know that the early 20th century Pure Oralism movement erased the wonderful records of many past Deaf leaders who worked majoring in tech-related fields because they feared that Deaf children saw them signing as the bad example of Deaf role model.

The time for the history of many forgetten Deaf leaders is coming to be resurrected. The good example of Deaf role model is to be restored.

We know Laurent Clerc and George Veditz so we need to find an interesting Deaf leader successfully worked in tech-related fields. On SVP 1983, I did not come to learn how to use lipreading but learn tech-related courses or COOP program.

I make a suggestion that we should honor a successful Deaf person who worked in tech-related fields

Gransville Redmond was the scene or landscape painter and worked with Charles Chaplin to develop the scences for the silent movies.
The Deaf role model will be inspired to Deaf/HH students majoring in Imaging Arts majors.

Tilly Edinger was well-known Deaf woman who founded the field of Paleoneurology.
The Deaf role model will be inspired to Deaf/HH students majoring in Science or Applied Science majors plus it will be empowered to Deaf women.

Olaf Hanson was the successful Deaf architect in the late 1890's.
The Deaf role model will be inspired to Deaf/HH students majoring in Business or Engineering

I believe that the plaque of Deaf person who worked in tech-related field should be harmonized with High-Tech oriented college instead of the AGB plaque should be belonged to the Ear Institute.

Hopefully. the Age of Deaf Renaissance begins to come