Monday, June 23, 2008

Deaf Immmigrant to stay in UK because of CI?

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When I speak about immigration issues, I need to say this: Every illegal immigrant ought to be punted right back to the end of the line of those seeking LEGAL immigration. Especially if they come in the country illegally or overstay on expired visas.

But here is where it gets twisted: As reported on's feature article : (see the guardian web page itself ) :

There is a young DEAF girl who's family is facing deportation and they're on EXPIRED visas in England. Now, I praise England for doing the right thing! When a visa is expired, these people ought to be obeying the law and leave and apply to legally immigrate to England. Since that's not happening, the couple is trying to gain sympathy from the public and hope that the public outcry will force officials to grant permission for the family to remain in England.

NOT ON MY WATCH! The girl's parents should have had a huge detailed discussion about their legal visa status before and after they had a deaf baby that needed CI, they should have first checked into permission to stay in the country in order to have their child fitted with CI.

But now, fitting a kid with CI and hope the officials will be "sympathetic" to the child's 'medical needs' just because the African homeland doesn't have CI services, well to be honest to say, I'm not moved to the couple's plight as the British officials are not either.

These are stupid parents that think putting a CI on a deaf kid in order to help her "hear" will cure her "deafness". These are the kind of parents that don't consider the outcome beyond the operation. Now that has happened, it's their money gone to waste. I wish immigrant parents would think CAREFULLY before applying a CI on a kid when their own immigration status isn't clear yet. If this couple gets "granted" to remain in England just because their daughter needs support for her CIs, it would open the floodgates for other people to try the same thing on other deaf babies. IT MUST STOP! It's a terrible thing to put a CI on a kid and then use the kid for political immigration reasons.

I have some sympathy for them yes. But to stay in England, NO. Expired Visa means YOU MUST LEAVE, GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE AND APPLY FOR IMMIGRATION PERMISSION TO ENGLAND (or any country of your choice).

Just as much as there are thousands of illegal immigrants that will try anything and everything to remain in the country, whatever you entered illegally or stayed beyond your expired visas. But like England, you can and will be rounded up, questioned, processed of pictures, papers, finger printed, and sent back to where you stepped off from and told "you are at the END of the line. See you next 50 years". That's the punishment. They should be grateful for being able to be sent back home instead of landing in prison.

If more people obeyed the laws and did the right thing, we would not be having these problems today. But today, immigration is a serious issue. Illegal Immigration is a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE in any country. Enter the country illegally and you can bet your life that you will lose your life in so many ways, it won't help you in hell.

Immigrant parents, just do me a favor. If you are in this country on a visa and you got a deaf child, don't put the CI on him till you get a GREEN CARD to remain in this country. If try the medical plight card, it will put you in a bad spot and I promise you, your kid will eternally hate you for it. Do the right thing. Resolve your immigration status first.

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MM said...

As a UK resident (Only 600 years !), I am in agreement. We are having considerable issues with migration,legal and illegal. We signed up to a European treaty,which in effect overrules our own government,and means we cannot really prevent anyone coming here and staying, they quote human rights that's it.

In reality genuine asylum seekers are pushed out in favour of illegals who come here for health tourism (Free operations etc), work and claim allowances for children in their own country, who have never lived here, then refuse to leave afterwards, and claim asylum, then we have to allow all their relatives in as well.

If mongolot Brits comaplin they are attacked as racists. If we stopped all immigration now, (Which we have called for so we can seek out and repatriate those who should not be here), it will cost our country a minimum of $80m a year at least, and we cannot repatriate them until they have gone to appeal first, which takes, YEARS, by then they have attained the status neccessary to stay !

Last year 46% of our brightest young people applied to emigrate, seeing no future in Britain. In practice, we have also been PREVENTED from jailing and repatriating suspected AL Queda ground troops, all via human rights,the very rights they want to deny everyone else.

One Al-Queda cleric here, gets over $1,000 per week for his 14 children,he doesn't work, he is confined to his home as a security risk, so our governmenthas to pay for his home, his children, his wife...

Only after 8 years did we manage fighting human rights lawyers who helped him ! to turn down his latest appeal and hand him over to YOU, your government wants him for problems he has caused there, Guantanamo hopefully has another inmate ! He was on our streets shouting "Behead them all..."

We have been campaigning to leave the European Union, our government will not listen,or allow us to vote, despite Ireland being allowed, who then voted no to Europe. SOmething stinks in Brussels, and a lot of Brits don't like it.