Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finishing up the NTID's Final Reunion Day.

G'day Everyone!

I've hidden away again from the crowd and took a break to post this topic today. It's a rainy day here in Rochester, NY. Humid and warm. UGH. Typical Rochester weather.

We've been having a blast here at the reunion!
Friday was in TOTAL FULL SWING. Lots to see, lots to do. And meet an awful lot of people!!
I missed my chance to sit in the discussions with Dr. Alan Hurwitz on Friday, but that was ok.

Matt Hamil, the UFC fighter, visited the campus! Got a picture of him! Whoo! He's a wonderful dude! SALUTE TO Hamil! (sp till I get a chance to correct it later)

Lunch was ok in the Student Alumni Union (SAU). Food's improved here at RIT, But don't count on it being any better later!
We had a big get together BBQ blast that was hosted by Sorenson. outside under the tent. Yummy.

The WRONG GAME movie was shown and most of the NTID theater was filled. Good movie. If you want to know what's "THE WRONG GAME", you gotta see for yourself.

CJ Jones performed LIVE and it was like watching him being all of the Jay Leno acts. He was OUTRAGEOUS! WHOA!! He's rough. Especially when he battled the wits of a heckler! CJ won that round!! SALUTE CJ!

As we enter the mid-day, there is SVP pictures going on. I have to get to there soon

I was able to sit in the discussions with Dr. Hurwitz and YES, folks: The name of the A.G. Bell is coming off the Tower C dorm!! But we're hope that a name of a good person that comes in line with the NTID Philosophy will be able to put on the dorm. But, folks, please don't suggest Dr. William Castle. From what I learned about him and of his post NTID days, I can't share with you. Just don't nominate him.

Lastly, as the afternoon gets into the swing, I think we'll have the FULL CROWD here. Lots of fun.
Ok.. I've hidden away long enough. Tonight's a big party. Lots of fun.

P.S. Yes I've heard that Gallaudet got reaffirmed on re-accreditation. I plan to post on the info next week about it. I just haven't had the chance to absorb the info.

Until next time.. Salute from the NTID Reunion!

Semper FI NTID 40th!

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