Monday, June 16, 2008

June Bugging

G'day everyone!

It's June 2008. It's summer already (whatever or not they say Summer offically arrives Friday night at 8pm, HA!). We've had the hot days, stormy days (and still got them stormy wrecking days presently), and we're still hurricane watching.

I haven't seen my june bugs yet. But trust the Lord, they'll come out soon. Seen the fire flies in the night and watching the kids scramble about to put those poor bugs in the "lantern" jar. (I caught and released them many times in my life).

*sigh*. Well, it's finally down to ONE WEEK! Just one more week of patience. The Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) has been "advertising" across the e-mail of just how much of an "Excitement" it's going to be if people come to their 'conference'. The Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA) people are *PRAYING* for many deaf Christians to come to thier Deaf Bible Conference. I have news for BOTH of those conferences: YOU BOTH LOSE!! From what I heard, The NTID 40th Reunion is expecting about more than *800* people to show up for the Reunion event on the campus of RIT!! DBC and DBFA would do a jaw dropping to say *HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!*
Loyalty. Some of us graduates of NTID are Loyal alumni of the RIT Tiger Spirit to come back and *ROAR* on the campus once more!! But we'll be there to discuss the A.G.Bell dorm name too.

Update: NTID reunion just released their final Vlog of the week. Please view it :

And if any NTID alumni who still is planning to go to the reunion: GET REGISTERED, GET YOUR TRAVEL TICKET, and GOOD LUCK FINDING A HOTEL ROOM!! (most places are booked already).

On a political note: when I went to my republican re-organizational meeting last Thursday evening (without an interpreter, shame on me), I found it to be an ugly event. It was something that told me that they were really not so MOTIVATED to win this election time around because President Bush has "trashed" his own power base beyond a certain degree. Supporting McCain? I don't think so! Because McCain has said that he would continue the same type of Policies that Bush has put in place. Basically to say, McCain shouldn't have gone to the White House after winning the nomination. It was a mistake like Al Gore stayed by President Clinton's side during his impeachment days and didn't think to separate from Clinton until it was TOO LATE. For McCain.. he's too late already. The republican party might win local and state elections. But nationally? It's a huge LONG SHOT.

Well, enjoy your week everyone! We all got to get ready for our "vacation" days. Gas prices or not, it's the memories that are priceless. Yet, credit card companies are going to enjoy hearing "Ca-ching" when they get used. UGH!

Till next post: Semper FI!


Jim said...

According to Historian as in an article on AOL, McCain does not stand a chance to win in November as he has a long shot. Here is the link to the article:

M. Theresa Aguilar said...

Hello there, I read some of your bloggings on politics. Actually, we are doomed! Look around us, what do you see? Gas prices on the rise because of US dollar devaluation, many home foreclosures since the owners loose their jobs to overseas, thanks to NAFTA operation! Right? New Orleans, Sudden floods and collapsing bridges still present with the Infrastructures that are not yet fixed. We all have to pay at average of 45% taxes to unnecessary spendings on useless war, immigrants' free welfares, schools, etc. There are more "Tent City" popping up all over in US. Yes, people sleep in there because they have no other places to go to.

I just cannot believe why so many Deaf people are so apathetic and tyrants to Government's BS! I'm tired of hearing their favors for Obama or McCain without looking inside their suits! THEY ARE DANGEROUS C.F.R. MEMBERS!!!

That's why my family and I will march at Washington D.C. on July 12th. If you are interested, come and see what it's all about, I do not think D.C. is far from where you live. We'll fly in from Los Angeles, for more info...
Thank you for allowing me to post my comments here.. This is my personal notes coming from my very heart!