Friday, June 13, 2008

Interpreter Trouble.

G'day Everyone!

Despite it's Friday the 13th, there's been trouble in the land of Interpreter Coordinators. In the Blog of RSGeo-007 has the following story :

It's sad. Interpreter Coordinators have the most important jobs in mainstream schools and colleges. How can this man betray his job for something the interpreters didn't do their job correctly or lying about the hours they worked? Interpreters have the most important job in the deaf society in helping these deaf students to get along with hearing people.

If you are an interpreter coordinator out there, DO YOUR DAMN JOB RIGHT! You are in a position of trust, ethics, and responsibility. For someone to betray their job just for money, the deaf community won't forgive because the trust is lost and it takes a while to earn it back.
Interpreters have the toughest job for us. We need to work with them. They are important to us MORE than the money.

Semper FI.


Anonymous said...

Typical news. This unethical practice is very common. It's just a matter of being caught. Don't forget many Deaf skim off like this. Just look at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

I don't you are, but I am an interpreter coordinator in a community college, and I'm deaf.

I "DO MY DAMN JOB RIGHT", so lay off of me.