Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come to NTID 40th Reunion and FIGHT the A.G.Bell Dorm name!

G'day everyone!

I felt I needed to throw the glove down against a video logger: Jack's Eyes. ( ). I hate to say I'm sorry that I can't go to The Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) conference. But it's MORE important that our ALUMNI of NTID comes to the NTID 40th Reunion on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and get the message out LOUD and CLEAR! Tower B's dorm name : A. G. Bell, MUST BE TAKEN OFF THE DORM!!

So, I'm throwing down my glove and encourage people to come to this Reunion. It's a very important event on the RIT/NTID campus. But yeah, I even realize that DBC is important too. I even put the word out months ago that it was suggested that DBC should move their conference dates to another weekend so that people could come to both events. I learned it was a no deal because they have gotten a fantastic location in Wisconsin.

*sigh* So with two events nearly going on at the same time, will we be successful in both locations? That's a major question and it'll be answered in ONE week from TODAY!

Anyone who still needs NTID Reunion information:

Semper FI to one more week!


Anonymous said...

I will be in NTID 40th... and of course, I will tell Alan to remove it from Tower C (not B)

moi said...

I think you're forgetting that DBC did not have a choice in the dates. The whole point is to provide an alternative (a better one!) to AG Bell's international conference that weekend - across the street. So there's no way they could have changed the dates. NTID, on the other hand, could have changed the dates a few months ago. It's a shame that there's a conflict, and I hope both events are successful.

Jim said...

I second you, Sherlock. DBC should have moved to another time than with the NTID 40th reunion. It is a crying shame that some deaf going to the DBC when the NTID needs help with getting AG Bell name removed from Tower B. I also saw they talked about defending AG Bell at DBC. Why can't DBC moved their to another weekend and come to NTID 40th Reunion? NTID 40th reunion was already planned way before DBC Conference. I wish people would change their mind about going to the DBC and come help the alumni at the NTID 40th reunion fight the rights to remove AG Bell name from Tower B. United, the Deaf has power at the NTID reunion, divided at the NTID reunion is a loss and a shame for not having AG Bell name removed from Tower B. I hope we have deaf power at the NTID 40th to win the right to get AG Bell removed from Tower B. One more thing, DBC should be ashame of themselves for not thinking about helping the cause that NTID 40th Reunion to again have AG Bell name from the dorm.

Sherlock Steve said...

Deaf: It's Dorm B.. and I'm sure of it because Dorm C happens to be the Peter Peterson hall (if my memory serves me right.). Dorm B is the A G Bell hall.

And Moi: yeah, that's right. A.G. Bell Conference does want to spoil our reunion weekend with this coming next weekend. But if we all give a CONVINCING arguement to ALAN HURWITZ that the name: A.G.Bell be removed off the dorm, then the A.G. Bell group will have lost another supporter: NTID. The truth about A.G. Bell shall prevail.

And reminder to all alumni: Keep thinking of WHO should should be NAMED on our dorm to live up to that honor (past or present). We need to present that to Alan Hurwitz as well!


Anonymous said...


Here is the proof of the residence hall.

Your memory serves you wrong. I had been in NTID for 4+ years (little too long)

See you there!