Monday, June 2, 2008

Hang on to that TTY!

G'Day Everyone!

I just found a good use for that TTY that's collecting dust. Just hang on to it. It may become your life saver in your family!

This web page explains the reasons why you should keep your TTY:

The information was being passed around in my e-mail. I rather have it posted on the blog so that everyone gets a chance to see it instead of a "chain-mail" type of thing.

So there's still life for that TTY, as a 911 safety device! Hang on to it. Worth it!

Semper FI!


Deaf Pixie said...

I am still using the tty for my personal family and use it for 911 in case in our family, I have not decide to remove old tty. I think it is time preserve old tty device which for only emergency if your computer or VP is broken down.

Worth to keep it!

Deaf Pixie

grantlairdjr said...

Thank you for refresh on emergency and TTY. I blogged about it in 2005. Take a look!


Karen said...

Yeah, I have mine on the kitchen counter, still collecting dust. I suppose I could put it in a cabinet somewhere...

Sam said...

Yeah, every VRS and at&t relay online been give strong recommends to use TTY and call through landline that way the local will know where you're at.

I still have portable TTY that's compatible with my cell phone. That way I could afford to reach and have GPS track me while give details.