Monday, June 2, 2008

DBC vs. NTID Reunion.

G'day Everyone!

It continues to dominate in the blog world that the Deaf Bilingual Coalition is gearing up to bring some major excitement in at it's conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during June 27 - 30th which will be in a direct conflict with the NTID 40th Reunion scheduled for June 26-28th.

As DBC made it's new announcement:

It becomes clear that the Deaf Community will have a choice of events to go to this June 2008.

I found out that at the same time, the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA for short) is hosting a Deaf Bible Conference in Oklahoma City, OK on June 23-27th, 2008. (For info: about the DBFA).

In short: it's going to be a very busy end of June 2008 for almost any one to choose where they want to go for a "vacation". The clock is ticking. Hotels are booking and in some places SOLD OUT is the main word of the day.

Whatever event you go to, even if it's not listed here, I hope you will enjoy your summer 2008 as it's already started!! pack your suntan lotion and plenty of Gas money for your car!

Semper FI!

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