Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Town Hall Meeting at Gallaudet University TODAY!

G'day Everyone!

I just got notified that there will be a Deaf Event at Gallaudet University that is being hosted by the Student Body Government (SBG) in a Town Hall Meeting about the recent crime that has hit several deaf residences along the 8th street.

Here's the info: http://pr.gallaudet.edu/dailydigest/?id=13411

It would be advisable for deaf home owners in the DC Metro area to go to this event because crime just doesn't happen on 8th street. If these thieves can find deaf residences on 8th street, just think how hard they'll look in other areas as well.

So I encourage you, if you live in the DC metro, go to this event on the campus of Gallaudet University and get info to protect your home from crime! Don't forget, the event starts at 5:30pm!

Semper FI

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