Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st, 2008: What day is it?

G'day everyone!

Today's May 1st, 2008.

So what kind of a day should it be called?

Some people said it should be May Day in which Russia shows off it's military might to it's people and reminds the world that are still a "STRONG" nation.

I like what I heard on CNN (TV) during a broadcast time at noon in which they said "It should be called National LAW DAY because they were celebrating of just how good all our laws are in the USA".

Today it's also CINO de Mayo as well. (ah Mexican party time!).

It's also the 2nd anniversary of the start of the Gallaudet Unity REVOLUTION in which the students took to the gates to protest the Board of Trustees decision in the selection of Jane Fernandes. It would be a few days later that we'd see Tent City I to show up on campus.

But the one thing I really disagree of today being called "Immigration day". It's a massive celebration of which every illegal person comes crawling out of the woodwork, taunts police and puts on a show of demonstration that asks "change the laws, let the illegals here now become citizen!!". Even some cities are doing 'safe haven' for these illegal immigrants.

It's a shame. It's taunting to all the LEGAL Immigrants that CHOOSE to follow the law and come to USA to be a LEGAL CITIZEN. How does it really look when you look at an illegal citizen that takes our nations flag and wraps it around their body and wears it like a cloak and says out loud: "LOOK AT ME! I am LIBERTY DRESSED IN THE FLAG OF THIS NATION THAT I CLAIM IN THE NAME OF MY NATURAL COUNTRY: MEXICO!". Every natural citizen of the USA would love to run down that person, grab that flag, punch the person, and then burn the flag because it has been desecrated!

It wasn't too long ago when a I saw a photograph that had a Mexican flag on top and our USA flag flying upside down! I was so angry, I spat nails!!

What happens when one day a major terrorist event hits this nation again? If that terrorist event does happen again, you know what? I would encourage home land security to round up every illegal immigrant and question them. But that would cause every illegal immigrant to run for the border as fast as they could go. Trying to get away from something they didn't do. But they'd get rounded up no matter what.

In fact I support Homeland Security that carries out Immigration raids in various places. Capturing illegals and processing them and shipping them far into Mexico where they are told NOT TO COME BACK. To those that work in Homeland Security: KEEP AFTER THE ILLEGALS AND KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE!!

What happened to people coming to this nation in to become a citizen in a safe and sane way? The grass is never green here in USA. Nor is it not in Mexico or Canada either!

No matter how you look at May 1st, 2008 and declare whatever this day to be for whatever what group you represent, it will never be that day for you. To many of us, it'll just be another normal spring day passing on.

And FYI to many comic book fans: SATURDAY, MAY 3rd, 2008 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
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Don't forget: TOMORROW, new movie: IRON MAN leaps off the pages of Marvel Comic books!

and still on tap to come: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull! whoa, sig heil to the Nazis again? *sigh* yo ho to 1940s we go! Coming May 22, 2008!

So, tomorrow's first Friday and to all the deaf in DC area: Have a great DPHH Friday!

Super SEMPER FI to everyone! Happy May 1st!

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