Saturday, April 26, 2008

Insurance? Do you have Insurance?

G'day Everyone!

I was reading this article about a man with a medical condition and having a lack of insurance:
When you read it, some of us have to wonder of just how lucky most of us in the deaf community are out there. On the aveage, we're supported through the Federal Government of SSI or SSD and we do get Medicaid or Medicare. However, that Medicare is broken up into several parts.
Medicare Part A is your hospital coverage. Medicare Part B is your outpatient coverage (doctor's office). I tried to find what Medicare Part C covers. Medicare Part D covers your prescriptions.
But, the main fact is: It doesn't matter if we are hearing or deaf. Did you know that at least (nearly) 50 MILLION people don't have ANY health insurance? (as it was said in the CNN article). That's like 1/4 of the population of USA when you think of it.
In many of the days of Senator Hillary (carpetbagger) Clinton (whatever they be in her husband's White House days or at present) had said so many times: " I will institute Universal Health Care Coverage for everyone!". I watched C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 days when congress voted on her proposals and ultimately shot it down.
But now, in the present time: How many people need to die due to the lack of life saving drugs or life saving surgery or treatments just because they lack health insurance to cover it? How do we help save our lives over something that needs to be taken care of? Do we just go to the hospital and say "help me and I'll pay later"? It's just a wonder.
I've heard of horror stories from several people in my life how some people get denied for treatment by their insurance company and then have to end up paying for it out of pocket. I am even listening to what has been happening to a friend of mine who's been in the hospital since December 25, 2007. I can't tell you all of what's gone on for him. But he's had it rough in his hospital stay. I am concerned of how much his hospital bill will be after the insurance pays some part of it.
Some times, we're not meant to live with pain. Some times we are. Is it worth having health insurance? It depends on the kind of company you choose to protect your health. Only you can determine which insurance is best for you.
But remember this, you only get one life to live. There's only one unique person around. That's you. How you choose to live is your life. Hospitals, love them or hate them, they are there to help you when you need it. But for something that's life threatening and can't be put off, get it done.
Some day, we all might have good health insurance. But until the days of insurance companies start weighing the cost of life vs profit, we all might not have health insurance yet.
Until then, I bid you a God bless and good health always.
Semper FI.

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RemoteViewer said...

It's just being irresponsible. Take a look at your company policy, see what the holes are, and get a supplemental to take care of the rest. Jesus, it's like people can't even take care of themselves anymore. I interned with an insurance company, and all the time you'd have people who didn't get adequate policies, or didn't get policies call up in a fit of hysteria trying to take care of something after it's too late. Take some preventative action.