Friday, May 2, 2008

Death of the DC Madam!

G'day everyone!

I was kind of surprised at the death of the infamous "DC Madam". The woman behind the infamous DC Call Girl ring that served many of the most powerful and political people. As the news on CNN tv and comes around, there are also several web sites that have been popping up about the DC Madam. The biggest question is, did she instruct a friend to release the names of her infamous black book and post it some where after she dies? That would give a rise to "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned from the dead". Whatever happened to her, questions will be abound and who knows what will become of all her "clients". In sense, she robbed the justice dept and the judge of the joy of sending her to prison.

Some times, I think our government is going after prostitution rings outside of Nevada so much, one has to ask if it's time to shut down the legal whorehouses in Nevada? The government can prosecute every woman that runs an escort service, but what about all the men that engage in their services? I think it's time that the government starts to consider something.

When I think back to poor Eliot Spritzer, the ex-governor of NY, it makes me wonder how Eliot could brag every day in his law enforcement life that he was bringing down every escort services that he wanted to prosecute, and yet he had his own little "private escort" that would undo his political future.
So whatever motivated the DC madam to take her life, she knew what she was doing. God rest her soul.

And as the weekend comes up, I'm just celebrating another year, alone. *sigh* I wish I could head down to DC and enjoy the DPHH weekend. But going to be content and maybe win a little money if they got BINGO. Life goes on.

Iron man: the movie, starts today!
Free comic book day: SATURDAY!

FYI to NTID Alumni: We are ONE MONTH away from the NTID 40th REUNION! Remember, your registration needs to be postmarked before JUNE 1st! For info: . It's worth the cost of gas to come to the reunion because it's only once every 5 years! See you there!

Have a great SEMPER FI weekend!

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Jim said...

I wonder if they have Free Comic Day in Heaven. Grins.
As for the DC Madam, she did not break her promise to suicide to avoid Jail time. So She wasn't a terrorist. The United States Government should be focusing on more serious crime than prositution problems. What a waste of tax prayers money to go after prositution then more serious crime like murders and other crimes as well. If DC Madam did confess her sins and accept Jesus Christ before she commit suicide, she is probably home free in Heaven. That we will never know her fate after her suicide.