Friday, May 23, 2008

Economic Meltdown already?

G'day Everyone!

You get a fair warning. It's a political rant day. Good yer warned.

I was just watching CNN this morning before I took off for DC for the Funeral of my friend, I was listening to their rant about the gas prices. My eyes grew wide and I rushed to have a quick slug of coffee (I haven't had any yet!).

Hearing the CNN Headline News say if the price of an oil barrel goes up:
$ 150/barrel= $4.50/gallon at the pump.
$200/barrel= $6.00/gallon at the pump.

I was like: My gravies, what's the hell going on with the Arabs? Which translates to the political field: What's our President Bush going to do? Will he start production to start finding oil in our backyard lands (like Alaska) and other possible oil fields within the USA? I hope so. We'd be battling the environmentalists that want to preserve nature. But that's a tough draw of a deal when we in an economic mess already.

I was looking in my old files and I found my previous post I wrote:

Some of you didn't think we'd be in this situation 6 months ago. What do you see now?
Sadly to say, I am concerned at a time of how things are going to happen.
How many people are actually going to come to the NTID 40th reunion? Will it be the LAST reunion at it's best? The price of gas throws the 45th, 50th, etc. reunions into a murky future question.
The cost of college is going to go up because of dorm heating, food, etc.
The price of food is going to go up more.

And you know what? When many of the job seekers are trying to find jobs these days, you are going to find more people at the bus stop, at the train/subway station, and those trying to carpool. While it may be a windfall for the transportation systems, the cost of the ride could go up as well. Even now, several friends of mine have told me that various company employees are scrambling to move to prime housing that sits on major bus lines and subway/train lines. The reason: The less that they have to drive their car to work, they can take a little walk to the bus and train/subway line areas.

Even I, as a job seeker, am prospectively looking for a job that sits right on the bus line as well. But I don't mind a walk either!!

If the gas prices do change the commuter driving habits, maybe the rush hour will be less congested if people realize how things are now.

You know what? When Congress had the Bil Oil Executives on the hill to DEFEND why these Oil companies have such HUGE profits in an economic time when they shouldn't be. One oil exec said: "A huge profit now will help our company to get through the rough economic days later".
I laughed and said "yeah, right. The more the gas prices go higher, the MORE money YOU GUYS (Oil Exec) will be putting in your secret accounts!". I was disgusted because nothing wasn't accomplished in congress.

I don't know how bad things will get to be, but the last few months for President Bush in his term looks politically bad for him. For Obama and Hillary, who ever wins, their first 100 days will be the toughest ones that no president has ever faced.

Some of my friends have mocked me in the past and said, "you should run for the White House". I rather give them a serious look of my face and tell them: "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!". I do not want to be in that position there that makes decisions that affect the rest of this nation/world.

As I said before, some of us are going to have to go back to the bicycle. Some of us are going to be having to pre-pay for gas because drive offs or gas stealing will increase more often. It's going to be more important that we be careful where we walk at times because these economic days will drive people to commit crimes to steal from others (that is being mugged and it's possible you can be killed while being mugged).

Just the same, I'm making my trips with my car count. But, gone are the good days. What the future holds for this world? Turn to the Word of God (or whatever faith based book you have) and you will see it unfold.

Ok, I'm done with my rant. Micah can take over on that in his own blog.

till next time, I won't say semper fi. Just have a happy and SAFE memorial day weekend.


I had to add in a post rant.

As I was driving today, I was thinking about President Bush's Economic Stimulus plan. Suddenly, it hit me very clearly. It won't be an economic stimulus plan. Spending that extra $$$ money will just go right into the gas tank and thus creating another profitable day for the oil companies! Perfect plan? No. Bush may have the right idea, but the timing is so wrong, it's going to be hard to revive the economy at this point.

Could we be watching an economic meltdown starting to happen? I don't know. The way this world is going now, almost anything can happen.

I'm hope that I can save my "economic stimulus check for one reason. It will be a gift for my mom. Home heating oil will be going up so bad, that one full tank of heating oil will cost about $1000 this season. (that's no joke, our oil company warned us in a letter to encourage clients to save money as much as possible.).

How bad will things get? I don't want to know. But again, rough months lay ahead for Bushie boy.

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Jim said...

My reason for the high gas price are the following reasons:

1. Oil Company - They say they are reinvesting the money for more Oil. I am like where and how? That isn't helping.
2. OPEC - They say they will increase only of Customers ask them to. But they won't do it for the United States. They say we have enough oil but won't share more. They are selfish and God will take care of them on their judgement day for not sharing what God wants us to share on Earth with other.
3. Lastly, the evironmental people. When the Congress or the President purpose drilling in Alaska or off the coast of Virginia or whatever, the evironmental group panics and saying it is not a good idea. So waht the Congress do, they don't pass the ideas because of Evironmental concerns. Even back in 2001, after President Bush propose drillin in Alaska and if the Evironmental group did not interfer, we would have more oil by now. No Drilling for new oil anywhere makes less oil for the people in the United States.
Now what else can be done about the problem is all I can think of is pray and hope something happens to bring the price down at the gas station.