Friday, May 23, 2008

Ohlone College Breaks Ties with NTID!

G'day Everyone!

In what has been termed the latest shot fired across the NTID bow over the name of the Tower B dorm of NTID has begun.

Ohlone College has broken away from being one a supporter of the NTID Community and coming out against the Alexander Graham Bell's name on the dorm.

For facts of the reasons why:

Letter from NTID Student Congress to Alan Hurwitz:

In everything: The attention is now gathering with steam. If RIT President Destiler (sp) should start listening to the NTID community, he should listen very carefully. NTID may be one of the many colleges of RIT, but it's Alan Hurwitz that needs to listen way carefully as well.

I'm hopeful that we will have a good gathering during the NTID 40th Reunion which involves the discussion of the Bell Hall name and it's required removal.

I'm asking many of the current NTID students and Alumni to please think of WHO should be honored and come with questions for discussion in June at the reunion!!

Remember: You must register for the reunion by June 1st, 2008! Don't delay!
Also: Many of the hotels in Rochester are filling up fast. If there's room left in the dorm, register for it.

Be ready. If we have to protest at the reunion, we will remain a PEACEFUL PROTEST. Got it? Good. See you in June. And stay watching on the Orange and Brown Coalition Blog for more info! This is going to get SERIOUS!

Semper FI!

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