Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

G'day Everyone!

Welcome to the unofficial start of Summer 2008. Summer is really a few weeks away. But some of us, even Gas companies can't help of calling out the unofficial start of Summer as of today.

It's Memorial Day 2008. Vacation season starts. Usually it means that many people will jump into their cars and drive somewhere for a "vacation". But what it really means is that Big Oil Companies and Credit Card Companies will be HAPPY to know that you are spending those hard earned money, including your Economic Stimulus checks, on your "vacation". With that in mind, you are just delaying the effect to have to pay for your vacation by working more hours.

Having gone down to Maryland to visit my friend, Harold Tritt's funeral, I could see the effect of gas prices having an impact on everything from hotels to food. It wasn't a time for fun, it was an emotional time of remembrance. The funeral was a great send-off for Harold.

I want to share with you some interesting facts that I found out. Not only that I have read my own local paper and the Washington Post, but I've a friend who's in the gas business. He told me that years ago, you could make a profit if you owned a gas station. Today, you are trying to make ends meet for yourself if you run a service station because oil companies are trying to squeeze out every drop of pennies out of these station owners. When owners complain (as my friend has) to the gas dealers, their response: "Don't bother telling us you are shutting your station down. Just leave us the keys and we'll get someone else to do the work" (most likely they'll get some poor sucker for less pay). I do not see why these oil companies must force these station owners to give up their own profits to them. Station owners need to make a living too!

Today, I'm spending my memorial day at the valley where my family grew up. I'm spending time there among people who've been friends of my family. But most of all, we will be remembering those that have served in the military and fought for our country, even those who worked in the support groups as well.

As we head into the summer season, there will be deaf days at amusement parks. There will be some deaf conferences (bible or whatever related stuff) will be going on. The most important will be NTID's 40 Reunion event to happen. (don't forget, alumni, that you have till June 1st to register for the reunion! That's exactly one week from today!! ). It's practically 30 days (one month) to the reunion day now. Wow, time goes fast.

Whatever you plan to do, make sure you make your trip count and the dollar spent wisely.
I hope you will enjoy the unofficial start to summer. For me, I think after the valley, I'll enjoy my back yard again.

Semper Fi on Memorial day 2008.

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