Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fear and Concern in Phildelphia, PA.

G'day Everyone!

In Philadelphia, PA, it is a city on edge right now, even among the deaf community. In what has happened recently in the news about 3 cop shooting suspects that there arrested and beaten quite badly. The news has been showing a certain footage of the beating that makes Rodney King's arrest look badly as a kid long ago.

It's been said that Philadelphia is on edge because they're trying to solve the situation but not sure how good it will be of pulling the "suspected" involved cops off the beats and on to the desk jobs. I would rather that Philadelphia Police department do one better. Suspend them from the force, take their guns, badges, uniforms, and police identification and put them on a immediate leave till the situation gets solved out. They also ought to retain lawyers too.

It's really not a good situation as it is. NYPD recently won a court case in the Sean Bell shooting case in which their cops were found NOT GUILTY. I'm pretty sure the judge in that case is having 2nd thoughts and wishing it was a jury trial to resolve that. But as it stands there, the Federal Government is doing a civil rights probe into the Sean Bell case. And one should remind the NYPD that nobody won anything. Sean Bell is dead and those responsible for shooting are still walking free.

How bad will the Philadelphia situation get? I can only tell you that it's no longer the city of "Brotherly Love" , but the City of Broken Hearts.

I can understand an entire police department that struck hard and putting the shooting suspects in the hospital because some of their own officers are dead or hurt. Cops taking revenge just because one of their own is hurt isn't justice, but it shows the stress of the job. My hope is that Philadelphia will put ALL OF THEIR POLICE OFFICERS into mandatory mental health care counseling every 6 months, starting immediately. A situation for an arrest and beating shouldn't be happening like that.

Pray for the City of Brotherly Love. Let's hope God knocks some sense into these cops. They need it!

Semper FI.

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