Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Deaf Lotto Scam Alert Notice!

G'day Everyone.

There's important news on the Gallaudet Daily Digest. It's important that everyone reads this and be very aware:

Several of my deaf friends have fallen prey to this scam and are in the process of seeking legal advice in hopes of recovering their finances.

There's also been an e-mail scam that has been going around from various places of asking people to submit info or wire money in order to get money. At most times, I've referred them to Homeland Security fraud division.

Also, be aware that someone has been doing an "AIM Crush alert." an AIM CRUSH alert means that "someone" likes you and sets up a notice on your IM and sends you a link to go to that site to find out who that person (the secret lover). But I advise people to put the person's IM on spam and block it.

Whatever happens, be smart and be safe on the 'net!

Semper FI.


RSGeo-007 said...

Don't bother putting the "AIM Crush Alert" screen names on ignore. They're one-time things and are not used again.

Anything coming through AIM and/or email talking about a "lotto" is bound to be a fraud, especially if you have to wire it. Giving out work and banking info makes it even more suspicious.

Sherlock and I know the differences between legitimate and fraud, so ask us. We've been there, done that, and then some.

Deaf258 said...

I went to read Gallaudet's Daily Digest and saw the following line:
".. please contact DPS or the MPD Deaf Hard of Hearing unit at"

Using a free webmail account to carry on "legal" issues is a BIG red flag. If they used a more legitimate email address like or an email directly to the office of DC police, then I would feel much, much better.

Better yet, what about phone numbers and snail mail info to use than just rely on only email?

crazybass said...

hey sherlock and rsg

dont trust anything in internet peroid especially you dont know who is imming you or email you. better block them and delete mail. the internet give crimianls big opporunity to commit crime and No wonder federal did not have a good cyberspace crimes division

Anonymous said...

I just got this scam on my IM and right away I knew it was fake so I messed with them (yes, two different people on the same day that I posted my VP number and IM on It was fun, told them my name was Nonya Bisnes, they didn't even catch up with the joke, I was not even born in the US and I know that joke...


I want to give you all an alert about Facebook too. There is a fraud on there by the name of Tracy Campbell and claimed she won about $500,000. She's just talking to me about getting through 'lottoman' who helped her win the money. Just to be sure that everyone will know. Lottoman's ID is so if you recognize this then stay safe from any harm from this man.

I know it is their only way to check your email is your IP address which will state it on Full Heading from their email domain. Like others from above to not pass out your email address, your info and so on. For it is really a scam. If you look up in facebook and I start to suspect that it was trying to reach friends to get people into deaflotto. Please do be careful.


Okay... here's an update... I found out that it was not Tracy Campbell...
It is Tracy Cambell and her facebook id# is 1472073774. It said she's from Saginaw/Bay City, MI. Went to school at Cincinatti College and Cincinatti Hills Christian school.

Please do block her plus she's getting more and more 'friends' to her list. I don't want other deaf be fooled by her scam. I already blocked her.

Chris said...

As the the post refering to the use of the yahoo address...

"...I went to read Gallaudet's Daily Digest and saw the following line:
".. please contact DPS or the MPD Deaf Hard of Hearing unit at"

Surprisingly it is legit email associated with deaf services for the police dept in DC,a,1232,q,541054,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,%7C31417%7C.asp

Here is the TTY # also
Metropolitan Police Department
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison Unit
(202) 671-2864