Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NTID and so on.

G'day Everyone!

I'm still following the A.G. Bell Dorm controversy that's still going on in the following web page:

They have been very helpful in detailing of what's happening on the Campus of RIT / NTID. Though, Alan Hurwitz has backed down and is holding off any major decision he makes, I believe he will personally set up discussions with the Alumnus when we all gather for the NTID 40th Reunion.

I'm behind a bit in my reading on the Orange and Brown Coalition, but the information is excellent! So hopefully things will remain in a positive direction. I hope no major decisions will be made until everyone has had a chance to hear and speak about it at the NTID 40th Reunion.

As I will keep encouraging fellow alumni to please visit www.NTID.edu/alumni for reunion information. Please use that website and register before June 1st!! Time is running out!
Some of you may not have hotel and may have to opt for the dorms. From what I've heard, most of the hotels are booked in the Rochester area.

A fellow alumni visited NTID/RIT this past weekend during it's graduation ceremony for his niece. He has told me that the RIT campus and it's surrounding area has CHANGED. He didn't say how much but we should all be prepared to be BUG EYED and bring plenty of film (for cameras) and extra digi chips for the digicameras. I think we'll be doing a lot of jaw dropping about the campus when we see it.

29 days to go. Time to plan and time to be ready.

Anyone who's driving up through Route 15 from the south through Williamsport, PA need to take extra patience of driving in my area. The are parts of I-80, I-180, and Route 15 that is presently under a state of road construction. Some lanes of traffic is restricted to one lane each way. Though I have good news to tell (and I should have said it ages ago!): Williamsport, PA has a NEW Market Street Bridge and a easy way to get on I-180 to follow Route 15 north. Also, a lot of construction is happening on Route 15 near the NY/PA border area so please be careful.

Hope everyone comes to the reunion. If you can't, Plan on 2013 for the 45th Reunion!

Semper FI!

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