Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sorenson Boycott Battle?

G'day Everyone.

Right now I'm sitting here with a puzzled look on my face. I have a nice Sorenson VP 200 machine with dials phone numbers, not IP numbers.

Then I'm picking up this web page which is spilling out across the 'net in the emails:

As far as I could see before I got my VP 200, I've seen VP 100s where you had to call Sorenson VP 100s via an IP address.

Heck, I've seen some VP 100s and VP 200 have an ability to call both an IP address and the normal 10 digit phone numbers.

My current VP 200 does the whole 10 digit number but not IP address. So that's odd. Does it prevent me from dialing a IP address? That's something of an experiment I may want to try later with my current VP.

Having experienced 3 years ago that D-linksys VP system does not work with Sorenson VP system, I had missed out on a wonderful job opportunity. I would, in fact, make a statement that Sorenson needs, not only to provide 10 digit numbers to ALL of their VP 100s and VP 200 clients and end the VoIP address, but also allow access to other different VP providers as well.

Clearly to say: If hearing people can talk on land line phone lines to Cell Phone users (and vice versa), then we, the Deaf Community, seek the same opportunity that we should be able to use a VP system that has no discrimination of VP providers and be able to communicate with the entire deaf community and a system of relay services.

Equal access promotes Equal rights of everyone between the deaf and hearing communities.

But if Sorenson is making it clear that we can only communicate with other Sorenson users, then that's wrong. Why be limited? In the age of the TTY machines, we could dial 10 digit numbers.

Now in the age of the VideoPhones, we should have that same access as well for everyone.
Sorenson must end it's "exclusive restriction". We shouldn't have to buy two or more different systems just because our friends have those products. We should be able to communicate anywhere!

If you feel that this petition is needed to be passed around, then consider to sign it. Otherwise, I think we ought to have Gallaudet stop construction on the Sorenson building until Sorenson gives us total access to everywhere we need to communicate with. (agree or disagree on that if you like).

Till next time:

Semper FI.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've never posted before, but I felt the need to post now. I also have a VP-200 and am able to call IP addresses with no problems. I call IP addresses with numbers as well as ones that are letters such as the address. Just wanted to let you know that it is possible, not prevented at all for me.

W. David Samuelsen said...

Not so fast!

VP 200 you can call IP numbers easily.

just enter the numbers then press star button just below number 7 and enter numbers as needed.

like 123 dot 123 dot 12

I am past VP 100 user and been using VP 200 for over 2 years now. This has never been a problem! I've used VP 100 with 10 digits to call anyone as well as IP numbers to call anyone who don't have their 10 digits. Ditto for VP 200.

The person who is spreading the disinformation is attacking one company for no reasons. The petition is an attempt to destroy the 10 digits goal.

second, the market demands of customers. Customers get what they want, therefore each company has to develop own product. There are 17 companies and only 3 companies are adapting with their own products to stay ahead - that is Sorenson, SnapVRS and Viable.

The customers want 10 digits and Sorenson delivers from the start and already have IP ability in place to call those who don't have the 10-digit. Those who don't have are at their own fault for choosing something that don't allow themselves to dial 10 digits.

It's the market economy.

FCC made it clear to those 16 companies other than Sorenson they have to change to 10-digit North America Portability Plan or else.

Sherlock Steve said...

Thank you for informing me! I tried that tonight and was very surprised and pleased! (even testing with a friend on the west coast was fun!).

Thanks so much for your help!

Major salute for both commentors!


Billy Koch said...

Well first of all, I am not a big Sorenson fan. But I have always said Sorenson will frontier the VRS industry because of the money they put into for Research and Development which is something that most VRS has lacked. Which what I say was the cause of CSDVRS downfall - and now they are TRYING to get back in the market. Point being is you also have to look at other VRS as well - aka SnapVRS with the OJOS. You can only dial the 10 digit numbers with those who have Ojos and you have to dial IP for those who don't have ojos. One of the issues could be the incompatibility for firmware to understand the phone number integrated in the MAC Address of the VP. There could be other factors too -

So point being - it would be nice to see where we can call any VP based on a 10 digit number, but its a start - and in time it just might happen. Nothing happens overnight.