Friday, May 16, 2008

Calif High Court Decision.

G'day Everyone!

One of the big day surprises is Ellen DeGeneres announcement that she would be married to her lover.

While the gay and lesbian community is happy that gay marriage is happening in the near future of the "GOLD" state, there is still a possibility that a November state ballot will have the Calif voters to make an amendment to the Calif State Constitution that says " Marriage is reserved ONLY for Man and Woman". Would it pass the court muster and tie the hands of judges by the voters? Maybe, maybe not.

To me, I have appreciated some several gay and lesbian friends who have been "married" and they are enjoying the new status of life. But to me, I think civil unions is more correct to have. The benefits of "marriage" still happens. You still are 'married' but you commit to each other.
Other wise, how many states would actually support the act of divorce of gay marriage when the states don't recognize gay marriage? (If you got married in Massachusetts, then you have to be divorced in Massachusetts. Good luck!).

Will the Calif High Court Decision influence the rest of the rest of the nation to pass gay marriage in every state? I don't know. What happens in Calif usually spreads across the nation. (just like the 4 dollar gas spike starting there and spreading East ward already. Is 5 dollar gas spike next? HOPE NOT!).

So Ellen DeGeneres, wish you luck in your "marriage".

P.S. to few friends at GU: Congratulations to you! May you enjoy the day!

Semper FI!

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