Thursday, May 15, 2008

Salute to the Gallaudet Grads of 2008!, NTID 40th reminder, $4 gas.

G'day Everyone!

A whole academic year has flown by and now it's graduation time again at Gallaudet University! Please SALUTE these hard working students who have earned the right to host their undergraduate and graduate degrees in a PROUD BISON TRADITION!

Today, there's the graduate hooding ceremony that will be on webcast today.

The webcast begins at 3:30pm today (2:30 Central, 1:30 Mountain, 12:30 Pacific) being broadcast through

Tomorrow, the entire class of 2008 will graduate from Gallaudet University. Semper FI to all of you for a fine job done! Now, I hope and pray that each of you will find a good job in this tough economic time.

Meanwhile, it's nearly 1 month to go for the NTID 40th Reunion! Those who have not yet looked on the NTID reunion page and registered, then here's the direct link to the Reunion registration on-line :

Please be aware that hotels in the Rochester area, especially near the RIT are being booked completely full as several other events are happening in Rochester, NY. The sooner you register and grab your hotel, the better. YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE JUNE 1, 2008! (they want a full head count of who's coming!).

Recently in my home town area, the gas price has just spiked to $4.00 a gallon! Sadly to say, a lot of people are in a angry mood and most of the stores that sell gas are installing safety glass as a protection. If it goes up more, I predict a lot of drive offs will happen (that is get the pump authorized, pump gas, then drive off without paying) almost anywhere in the nation. If do a drive off, get a lawyer cuz you'll be without a car for a LONG time. (The law's tough here in PA!)

So, whatever you do this summer, drive carefully, make trips count, and do your best.

Semper FI to you all. Especially to Gallaudet Grads 2008!

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