Monday, April 7, 2008

Put out the Olympic Flame! Lady Di's Jury verdict.

G'day Everyone!

I'm down a bit with a cold but got to go on a bit. While it was a good weekend for myself, one has to wonder of all the PRE-olympic events that are going on out there. The famed "Olympic Torch" which is suppose to call for attention of the host country's upcoming games. China some how, won that right years ago to host the Olympics.
But now, it's threatens Tibet! Is this the way they are "cleaning up" in preparations to host the games? How much genocide takes place before the world notices.

What was the International Olympic Committee thinking of awarding China the games years ago?
Make no mistake. China's right to host the Olympics will be an error of decision for the IOC for ages to come.
If you have read the CNN news today, protesters that support Tibet are doing everything they can to disrupt the torch relay run, even if it means to put out the flame at every way possible. I'm amazed at this. What happens when this Olympic torch visits the USA? I don't think I want to know, but I would be in favor of the USA to consider a boycott of the Olympics. China isn't our "most favored nation" despite everything that China has done to USA in the past. Whatever happens in China this summer, will be interesting.
Meanwhile, it's a sad to know that the Lady Di's (Princess Diana) jury made it decision.
Some of us might live with this decision had it come sooner. But justice isn't always fair. It doesn't heal any of the hurt. Those with the camera, who chase people to get a sensational picture, have gotten away with it again. Will this verdict put an end and let Princess Diana rest? It may happen. But for those involved in it all I have a message for them. Sleep carefully. God's watching. He'll call you to His own HIGH COURT to answer the charges against you. When it happens, you won't have a snowball's chance in hell of being found "NOT GUILTY". God's judgement is swift and pure.

Lady DI, my sweet lady, be at rest. God's just judgement will be fair for you upon others.

Semper Fi, Lady DI.

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