Friday, April 4, 2008

Links for you all!

G'day Everyone!

I'm about to leave for my trip today. But before I do that, I was going through some e-mail.
I had to post some LINKS (web pages) for everyone to look at. Enjoy!

Hey! You in DC Metro area! Yes YOU! Do you own a bike, helmet, water bottle? Got nothing to do on, Sunday, April 6th, 2008? Then check out: There's a cherry blossom bike ride happening from Gallaudet University! You got this Saturday (april 5th) to drag that bike out of it's winter hibernation and get it ready to go! Have fun! Check out the web page for info on the bike ride.

A friend of mine passed me info on Ubi Duo. (link: Now, I like that device and it would make job interviewing easier. Only question I ask is: Must the employer carry that or show the prospective deaf employee carry that? Something worth to discuss about. Go have a look at the Ubi Duo! Another question is.. can deaf/blind use ubi duo? (I sent an e-mail at them!).

This web page is meant to poke political fun. Micah, go see it. It doesn't have Obama in it, but then again.. poor Bush! Some one had MORE time on their hands. Hey Nice tomato toss, Ms. Nancy Regan! It looks so much like !

Are you interested to take any summer classes at Gallaudet University?

Enjoy the weekend and the links.

Semper FI.

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