Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Personal post

G'day Everyone:

I haven't posted much lately because I am on enforced bed rest. I finally crawled out of bed to get at this computer so I could do something. I promised to crawl right back to bed and get better.

I am very seriously sick with the flu (a 2 week cold) which the medicines are not working very well. I've had several serious respiratory distress episodes that have lead to some "Out of Body" experiences. My doctor had demanded that I go to the hospital to be watched over. But I refused and acknowledged those risks which might include death. I rather be dying in my own bed instead of some hospital that could make a fast buck off my body.

I have been following several issues in the blog world lately. I'd love to comment on those but being sick, I have chosen not to. When I'm fully well and fully functioning, I will comment on something.

I am going to invite someone to be my Watson for me to take care of my blog while I'm laid up.

I will be watching the pope arrive in the USA today. It will be interesting.

For now: Semper FI.

Personal note to my enemies: I know you are in hopes that I will die soon. But remember this: when you die, you will have your day in court too. Court of God. NO lawyers, just you, me and God. The verdict won't be pretty. Think about it. Reconsider your own actions. My OBEs have taught me that.

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