Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Political Battle scars left behind.

G'day Everyone!

What a mess in the days after the PA Primary Election day. Battle scars have been given to a lot of people. It's worse. Some of the political incumbents have been tossed out of their offices. Namely some of those who voted FOR TOLLING I-80! (cheers!). I do want to say that I'm sad that I voted for Obama. But unfortunately, his whole "small towns bitterness" remarks backfired on him and what he said should have been said "SORRY" at once for it. It just didn't help him at all. So now Hillary Clinton is still in the running and there's still more elections to happen down the road. What happens if there's no clear winner? I don't want to think about it.

The next few weeks, I think many of us will either start to use rail and bus services because the gas prices are going higher. It's getting ugly on the streets. Sometimes, I want to thank God that I'm not in the Virginia area where I'd have to drive to work every day. But will the high gas prices force people to park their cars and take the metro systems? I say: BREAK OUT THE BICYCLES! Let's become what China was before they started production of more cars than bikes they had! If more people rode their bikes to work on nice sunny days, they'd get a better health benefit out of it! Sad to say, I do miss the DC Metro system. I love the tube! :-)

Meanwhile, another worry is happening. I'm hearing that some food prices are not only going up but limiting to how many people can buy. It should be a concern for all of us.

So how will the political candidates address these issues including housing situation too? Blame it all on Bush? That depends on how far to do just that. So be thinking of how well our economics are doing here in the USA. Will it get bad or worse or better? As we are about to turn into May 2008, we will see how life happens here.

Till next time, Semper FI.

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