Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Justice System.

G'day Everyone.

I was watching CNN yesterday and watching how the Sean Bell case unfolded. It's ugly and horrible. It's tragic. The justice system is bad enough in trying to protect cops from the public judgement. Even the ex-cops too. Will the Federal judgement be better? It might not.

Some times, I feel like the justice system is stacked against people. Whatever they be innocent or guilty. It doesn't matter if you are a hearing or deaf person, it can be down right scary experience in court. Prosecutors have only one thing on their mind and they will do everything they can to get it: a conviction against the defending person. Prosecutors, who get convictions, feel like they win the fight and the right to insure they put people away for life. But, sometimes, they get real bitter after a loss and try again, even if to try lesser charges. They want to win at all costs. Even if means to politically destroy themselves. (and some do just that).

Which in one point that is going on in my own family presently. My nephew is in one hell of a huge trouble. In late May, he will be facing a court hearing. I hope his own lawyer will defend him very well. But, one thing that I hope he will do. Trial by jury of peers. It'll be his only hope to prevent a judge from saying he's either guilty or not. I would rather the jury to say the verdict instead of a judge. It will bind the judge and only to deliver the final sentence.

Judges are not perfect. Nor is a prosecutor. But in the end of life, we all will face the greatest court of all where there's no appeal available. THE PERFECT JUDGE. PERFECT JUSTICE.
Hebrews 9:27: "At the appointed time, man is to die, but after this: The judgement". (KJV).
But in the present time, pray for our justice system. Sometimes, a great political power corrupts a human being.
Semper FI.

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Jim said...

Remember OJ Simpson trial? The juries acquientence him. So, the bottom line, the whole Justice system is a joke. The only real perfect Justice system is on Judgement Day. Whatever the final on the person life is after death of either Heaven or Hell, there is no appeal and it is only a one time trial. It may not be fair, but much better than the Justice system on Earth because there is no march protest like in NYC.