Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another day in PA, Overthrow Carter, soon June 08!

G'day Everyone!

After a horrible morning, I finally had to complain to every political candidate office that kept hitting my phone at home. All them, begging for a vote, even up to the last minute. They ought to know that just one call to a lawyer (as I told them) will result in a court action that would tie up their needed funds to keep their political machines running. So nice of them when their managers picked up the phone and started to profusely make apologies. Too little, too late, I told them. They blamed their computer soft wares for making all the calls. I told the poor guy: "then fire the person who doesn't keep a sharp watch on the computer system!".

So, finally went to vote today. But do I want to reveal who I voted for? Watch the results for yourself on www.cnn.com . By the time most results come in, you'll see who's in the lead in all of this political mess. *hint: I certainly didn't vote on the republican side at all. I'm disgusted with them already!!*

One of the former Presidents of USA that we used to love: Jimmy Carter. Some times I question WHY he went to Israel and WHY he had to salute the terrorist Arafat on his grave and WHY he's trying to play "peacemaker" with Hamas and Israel? A terrorist group of Hamas will never accept Israel at all. Former President Carter has prolly gone senile. That's what old age has done to him. Don't expect God to give him a GOLD PEACE award if he gets hamas to lay down their arms. A terrorist group never changes it's spots since the day they picked up the gun.

Soon, it will be June 2008! Lots of events to happen. From the Deaf Bilingual Conference, to NTID's 40th Reunion, to Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America. (www.DBFA.net ) Make your choices for summer fun!

Semper FI!


Jim said...

As for Jimmy Carter, he should have gotten impeached for giving Panama Canel back to Panama. He thinks since he solve the Egypt and Israel problem, he could do the same with situation today with the Hamas and Israel. Jimmy Carter is sleeping in a dream land on this one. Shame on him.

Peace456 said...

Yeas- I agree with Jim.

More importantly, I like to ask:

How can you claimed to be a christain and be a gay at the same time?

Most poepel I know say you cannot be both. If you belive that in what the Bible says about "gay love" you should'nt be a gay person. Otherwise, you have invented a way fof reading and uinderstanding the Bible.