Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal time out.

G'day Everyone.

Some of you have been e-mailing me of WHY I haven't posted a blog in several days.
Well, I will tell you.

I'm dealing with some personal issues. The first issue is related to the past post that I did, My "Terrorism on the Road" article. One of the very people to be arrested happens to be my nephew. Which one? I'm not going to say. But it's greatly has had an impact on my entire family. This young man has made a huge mistake with with rotten friends and it will wind up to over shadow his sister's precious graduation from college party. A trial will happen in late May. So greatly, I have been walking outside and praying about his situation along with other things.

The second issue that has impacted me is of a friend of mine who has been in the hospital for a long time. In recent weeks, most of us have thought that he was coming around the curve and making strides to complete his road to recovery. He just got moved into a rehabilitation home.
But then, April 2nd, he had a major setback and was rushed to the hospital. As I last heard, he's in ICU and will have another surgery soon. So all of his friends and I are concerned and still praying for him.

Finally, as I'm taking a break from all the job searches and these issues, I'm spending the weekend with a friend of mine. It's also going to help me to finish a complicated post that I recently started working on. Next week, I will try to be back at my normal posting stuff.

For now, I am aware that the St. Mary School for the Deaf has had a protest still going on.

Gallaudet University is considering to start the quest again for the Next President (and prayerfully, we're all hope for a successful search without a problem or controversy.

So, enjoy the weekend. Becareful where the rain falls. God bless.

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