Tuesday, April 1, 2008

no pranking day and austim

G'day Everyone!

I wanted to prank today. But, after helping some friends through a very serious situation, I'm quite emotionally worn out. Which makes it possible for some friends to PRANK on me today. Oh man. Like I need enough on my plate.

So if you are out there, pranking on people, be careful, be safe, and be clean.

Lately, I'm reading and watching CNN.com and CNN(TV) about autism. I was amazed of how these people are. When I was growing up and was stuck in this school for disabled children, I knew a lot of kids that have austism. Some come up to me like I've got some "magnet" of attraction. Parents get curious and we end being friends and talk about austism and deafness. In fact, there are some children and adults out there who have both Austim and deafness.

Last week, I wanted to go out on a long walk to return a movie at blockbuster from my home. (yeah, I'm taking walks more now rather than driving my car). After dropping off the film, I hit the local grocery store. On my way out, I meet this austic kid. He shakes my hand and then before I knew it, he was kissing it. I was like to his grandfather: "Sir, is he..?" And he smiles at me and says "yep. He is ok. He has austim". I looked at him and he looks such a nice boy. I told his grandfather, "Is he about 10-12?". His grandfather says: "No, he's 22". That's when my jaw drops. Kid face, yet he's 22! His mom comes over and explains so much more. So we're there, chatting away in front of the store, talking about austim, deafness, and life in general. All this time, this kid hugs me. His mom said "That's amazing. He's never done that before to strangers". I told her "That's ok. For what God intends, God has a purpose for him". I bid them with a good bye and a blessing of a prayer. That person is etched in my mind.

Sometimes, I'm asking myself if there's going to be such a cure for austim some day? Will that happen? I don't know. But there is one thing that I do know. God creates special people that needs special care. I wish we could all live forever and take care of these austic people. Some grow up enough to have their own lives and live in a supervised setting.

So it's another part of my list of prayer for people when I take time to be alone and think above things. Just remember, People with Austim are people too.

Salute and Semper Fi and enjoy prank day.

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