Monday, April 21, 2008

PA Election Daze!

G'day Everyone!

Well, it's finally here. The PA Primary Daze. The elections that brings out the best and the WORST of people. My phone has been bombarded with calls from elected people by so many times, I've let the phone ring and the answering machine picks it up. It's amazing how they politically rant about the place.

WHO will YOU VOTE FOR, they shout. VOTE FOR : (insert your candidate here).

At times I'm asked: Are you for OBAMA? Then yer against the first American woman wanna be president: Hillary Clinton. (oh please! Like I want that carpet bagger lady to lead this country!).

Are you for HILLARY? Then yer racist against Obama! The great African American is just coming into his first historical prime in being the first President ever! Social Justice!

Are you for McCain? Then may all the Swift Boaters for "TRUTH" strike you down!

At all these responses, I felt that I had to tell them this as I shouted into the phone: "I'm NOT GOING TO SAY WHO I WILL VOTE FOR UNTIL I GET TO THE BALLOT BOX!!".

So who I'm voting for? Till I hit the ballot box.

But one thing should concern us all in PA. Governor Ed Rendell should NOT consider putting tolls on the I-80!! If he ever finds a way to do it, not only it will discourage businesses from being set up in the northern PA tier area, but it will most certainly bring about a landslide of a future NEW GOVERNOR'S election for sure!

So for all of you, my readers in State of PA, I ask you to vote honestly and fairly. Remember, the power of the vote is what will change every political person's life in both the Local, State, and National offices! ROCK THE VOTE!

Semper FI

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