Saturday, April 19, 2008

PSC again, RLM/Berke fight, and back in the saddle

G'day Everyone!

I'm still feeling the side affects from the cold and that's going to be with me a while. I missed out on a lot of things that I could have commented on. But that's ok. Life goes on.

Meanwhile, Berke and Robert Mason have finally resolved their battle.
Even after hearing from a few friends, who reported the massive BLOW UP at the ASL dinner, of how things went. It's amazing that all 3 of them (berke, Goodwin, and Mason) are not sitting in a DC jail cell now and begging Sherlock to drive down and bail them out. One user reportedly told me that several hearing patrons wanted the manager to call the DC police! Me thinks Berke, her friend, and RLM better watch their step at the next ASL dinner (prolly all the restaurant are on alert already for the infamous 3). WOW! What a war! (lovely popcorn).

Please, let's take ACT TWO: Presidential Search Committee, get your act together! As I've heard that Gallaudet University is finally starting it's search for their next President to replace Davila, I have a huge hope that this process works THIS TIME! I think the BOTs of Gallaudet have been read the riot act and I'm sure they want nothing to go wrong this time. I hope they will take a page from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Do a careful search, involve the community, faculty, staff, alumni, and ignore the provost wanting the job! I am in hopes that everything will work better. But President Davila should stay out of the process least he invokes trouble again.

Finally, being back in the saddle again. I'm glad to be back working on my blog. I'm not up to full strength yet. But takes time. However, I would formally ask that my readers to please pray for my friend, Harold Tritt. Harold Tritt has been in a DC hospital for nearly 4 months now. He's been through a lot of medical issues. But please pray that the sooner he can start his rehabilitation, the sooner he can start getting back into life again. Thank you.

So, for now till later: Semper FI.

P.S. To my readers in PA: Please VOTE on Tuesday, April 22, 2008! I don't care who you vote, but vote DEMOCRATIC! Your vote matters! Please get out and ROCK that BALLOT BOX! VOTE!

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