Monday, March 31, 2008

Yesterday's post/pranking around.

G'day Everyone.

To those who wrote the kind and harsh words in support and against of Barry Strassler, editor of the Deaf Digest, I regret to say that they are unpublishable. Yes, the comments box is working, but comments have been moderated and it will stay that way. Thank you for your comments.

You, the reader, must understand that some people, who do support the Gallaudet Football team, take things seriously. Barry Strassler may have a kind intention of pulling a April Fools joke as he always does, but should have tested it out on a few people before he used it. Why do you think the Gallaudet Athletics put out a press release to say that Gallaudet Football did NOT disband? That is the serious statement out there. It could have been worse.

As a result, Barry Strassler should make some sort of a contribution to the Gallaudet Football team to show not only apology, but support for our team. As he does say "And do go all out and root for our Gallaudet football team because it is not just Gallaudet's team but the Deaf Community'steam.". To joke about our team is no laughing matter. This upcoming season of Gallaudet Football will be an interesting one. Let's hope that team 2008-09 will be ready to take that field and play some pigskin ball games! Win, Bison, WIN!

Meanwhile, it's OPEN PRANK SEASON (for one day of the year. April 1st). Are you ready? Better have a sense of humor against those, like me, who are MASTER PRANKSTER.
I do enjoy making light jokes and pulling them on my friends. I know when they seriously need a good laugh.

But it's not easy being a master prankster. I test things out with a close friend of mine who gives me an honest reaction about it before use it in a list of my gags. Thus, I know what to expect before anything else happens at times. I've seen my own share of jokes gone bad. I know what it's like to be shamed for it as well and taken my own share of lumps. That's the ups and downs of pranking.

Some times, I team up with another close friend of mine. Get in to a chat conversation on AIM with a unsuspecting friend and look out. We start some INTERESTING conversations that become a fall off the chair and laughing on the floor evening.

So, tomorrow is April 1st, 2008. And if you are going to prank someone, be careful. Prank nicely. Prank cleanly. Just hope the person who you prank has a very good sense of humor in their bones. Just don't prank Barry Strassler. Don't prank at work. Enjoy the day tomorrow. And remember, a small prank gives a good sense of laugh that gives you a good sense of Friendship.

God bless.

Semper FI.

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