Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anger at the Deaf Digest. and SMSD

G'day Everyone!

I think I've been able to get over my ANGER at the Deaf Digest (BLUE EDITION) which I get in the e-mail lately.

Have you seen what was written? Here is a copy from my e-mail:
>Gallaudet University has dropped footballas an intercollegiate sport. It was announcedtoday >by President Bob Davila. Huge costs needed to sustain this sportis the reason. This is, indeed, >very disappointing. Homecoming Day plans have changed. Instead ofa traditional football >game, a soccer game willtake place. Stay tuned. To read the full story, pleaseclick on
Needless to say, I spat coffee all over my desk! I was like YELLING "NO FUCKING WAY!!".
I'm a furious grandfather bison that would HATE GU President Davila to cancel the program. But when it says to click on the link for the full story.. you get "Happy April Fools DAY".

Unfortunately to say, NOBODY is laugh with the Gallaudet University Football team.
The Gallaudet University athletics department has released a press statement that FOOTBALL
is still very much alive at Gallaudet University.
The editor of the Deaf Digest has issued a apology statement.

But, I don't buy his apology statement. I want Barry Strassler penalized. He ought to be made to do something for the football team and give Gallaudet University a new reason to feel PROUD. It's what Gallaudet needs. But if Coach Hottle has a better idea to penalize Barry Strassler, I think we all deserve to hear it.

Meanwhile, stay alert about the St. Mary's School for the Deaf (SMSD) in Buffalo, NY protest situation. They had a major rally yesterday. Most of the info can be found here:

Stay watching and stay in prayer for the students of St. Mary's school for the Deaf! WE SUPPORT YOU! *SALUTE!*

Have a great week! And remember, TUESDAY IS PRANK DAY. (watch out Barry Strassler! yer fair game now!)

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OCDAC said... is really not something for the deaf community to be proud of.

They're hardly inclusive to begin with!