Friday, March 14, 2008

St. Mary's protest continues.

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Thanks to a friend of mine for this link about all the comments by people who left it at this link:

St. Mary's School for the Deaf (SMSD) protest is gaining ground. Parents are fighting for their kids. However SMSD Board of Trustees refuses to give in. Are the punishments continue to happen for these student protesters? I have no doubt in my mind that they are still being punished for their stand in their right to protest for the dismissed math teacher.

So today's question of the day is this: Why do hearing people think they can do a better job of running a deaf school by dismissing quality teachers and replacing them with someone who has NO RAPPORT with the students? If students learn well from one teacher, then that's quality education!
But, replacing a teacher that knows sign language with a teacher that DOESN'T know sign language? That's like putting students at risk to fail a state-wide math test immediately during this important part of the academic year! (Ergo, that's like replacing students' good lunch with the infamous "mystery meat lunch")

SMSD Board of Trustees could have waited till the academic year was over to let this math teacher go. But doing this now at this point of the academic year isn't justice. It's not Justice at all! If the SMSD Board of Trustees wants to pick a battle, then they got one. They got angry students and parents! Students and Parents are giving the media and bloggers the run for their money.

My other question: is something happening in the administration that has created a ruckus to provide a cover-up? Something similar to what's happened down at the North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD) a few weeks ago? I hope not! But if we find out that something is going down, then things could go from bad to worse.

I encourage the students and parents to keep fighting for better education for St.Mary's school for the Deaf students! If hearing people who sit on the Board of Trustees won't listen to reason, then they MUST BE REPLACED! I hope they will listen to reason!

Semper FI!

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