Friday, March 14, 2008

McImplants / CI Poll results.

G'day Everyone!
Thanks to James, who sent me the link, about Tom Neville's new video: Enjoy!

While I was laughing a bit about the movie, I became serious how some places do implant deaf people with the CI in real life.

A few weeks ago, an old friend of mine got implanted with the CI. Like many members of my group of friends, we got shocked and blindsided with her decision to do this. We were not aware of what she was doing until her boyfriend told some of us about it. We're still reeling from her decision. Some members of my group had wanted to dissuade her from getting the CI. But, she went and had the surgery done.

From what I am aware, She was in an out-patient basis to have her CI put in. I was shocked that it took ONE DAY surgery. I said that it was RISKY for a hospital or out-patient surgery place to be doing that. Especially with MRSA (Staph) infections about in many surgery related places! I told my friend that I would have appreciated if she had spent at least 48 hours in the hospital to recover from this type of Surgery. Just to be sure she didn't contract staph at all or any other problem that happens. Presently: she's had her turn-on and is learning how to use it.

But just like in Tom Neville's video, out-patient surgery places make CI surgery look simple and clear as a chop and shop place. A CI implant isn't something you can go simply buy. A CI implant is a life long tool that you have to maintain for the rest of your life. God forbid if it breaks down. If it breaks down, you do have to have another surgery to replace it as well. Fun? NO. Worth the pain to be able to hear with a CI? I don't think so! Many other CI implantees say it's worth it.

Ok.. down to business.

Recently I held a Poll in my blog for a month long survey to see and gauge the deaf community's reaction to the Cochlear Implant (CI). Here are the results:

#1: How do you feel about the CI?
The people said:

For the CI : 17% (38 voted)
Against the CI: 50% (108 voted)
Neutral (or on the fence): 31% (68 voted)

total voted: 214.

#2: Do you believe the CI is:
The people said:

A Blessing: 13% (28 voted) saying it was a "god send".
A Curse: 38% (78 voted) saying was "not a god send".
A bit of both (blessing and a curse): 24% (50 voted)
Neither or neutral: 23% (47 voted)

Total voted: 203.

#3: Who has the right to promote the CI?
(this was a tricky one.. but most people responded well ).

AGBELL: 23% (37 voted).
NAD : 16% (27 voted)
The Audiologist: 51% (83 voted)
ASLexpo: 8% (13 voted). Don't be angry with Tom Neville. He had no knowledge of
poll coming out.

total votes: 160.

#4 Do you think the decision of about having the CI should belong to:
The people said:

The parents: 12% (23 people voted in support of this. )
The audiologist suggestion for the patient: 8% (16 voted)
Personal choice of the user: 79% (152 voted).. wow!

Total votes: 191.

#5: When do you think it is best to have a CI implanted?
The people said:

While you are a baby (as AGBELL suggests): 7% (14 voted)
When you are grown up and can make decisions: 64% (124 voted) wow.
Both: 14% (28 voted)
neither: 13% (27 voted)

Total voted: 193

#6 Do you think the CI will be:
The people said:

Accepted in the deaf community: 18% (36 voted)
ignored or in the deaf community: 23% (45 voted)
a bit of both : 25% (49 voted)
Some sort of compromise will be reached later: 32% (64 voted)

total voted: 194.
The polls are only an opinion and does not reflect on any actual CI surveys being done by real organizations.

Thanks to all who voted.

Semper FI!


K.L. said...

My friend works in a hospital, and she says that it is better for patients to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, because the longer you are in the hospital, the higher the risk of getting MRSA. It is more prevailant in the hospital than in the home.

For most people, the implant surgery takes very little time. Around 2 hours. It is safe to do it as an out patient.

Billy Koch said...

That video was hilarious. I loved it. But yes, it is true that the CI implant is an outpatient process. I had mine done at 9 a.m. and I was out of the hospital at 4 p.m. And I was up and moving around later that evening and was fine the next morning. So, it all depends on the individual. And there is a big possibility that this friend didn't say anything to anyone because she didn't want to face the fact that some of her friends might end up turning their backs on her because of her choice. So I can understand from her perspective, the same with me - no one knew until I had it done. Unless the community starts becoming more accepting then it will become a point where we all will become more divided.