Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Spitzer Cartoons! Protest continues in Buffalo NY!

G'day Everyone!

I had to take a parting shot at Eliot "the Man of Political Mess" Spitzer again. Sent me a link that has political cartoonists draw some very parting shots at the departure of Eliot Spitzer after he resigned this week. Here's the link:
Enjoy! Major Salute to Nicky Belfiglio for it!

An alert reader sent me some several links about the on-going St.Mary's School for the Deaf in Buffalo protest that is still happening. I'm asking many readers to please support the parents and students in this matter! It's a major protest in an effort to protect the quality of education for the Deaf.

The links are :

Mishka Zena:

and the Buffalo News :

also Jim's Deep Thoughts:

Despite that this being a day when 20th Anniversary day of DPN victory has happened, this is going on. I know we are tired of hearing the word "protest", but unless we help others to right the injustice among our deaf youth who look up to us older deaf adults, then we must help!

Get the word out! Be proactive and encourage them! Pray for them!

DPN was about making improvements in Deaf Education and employment. We still got a long way to go. the dream is still alive. We must work together to insure these students get a decent education so that they can attend Gallaudet and NTID! Let's help!!

Semper FI!

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