Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has arrived!

G'day Everyone.

Ahhh.. spring... *sniff sniff* WWWHHHAAA--CHOO! Excuse me! *yick!*

Well, spring is definitely coming in like a Lion at this point in many places. A lot of horrible weather is going on. I can only encourage the people to stay safe if they can!

Meanwhile, I'm not too found of Assisted Suicide lately. But hearing about this case going on in Paris, France :
Has made me think if such a medical condition was not able to help make this woman's death to pass comfortable for her, then I ask why the doctors let her die in such a horrible way? It's inhuman for a court to deny her a chance to die by medication.
So, once again, there's a new POLL I've set up. Agree to disagree please. Keep those comments clean. Flamers will be tossed to the HELL TRASH BIN.
Also: Ah Philadelphia! Geno's steaks became the heart of an immigration battle over the right of which language to speak. Guess what? ENGLISH ONLY won!
Joe Vento is a happy man now. But for his non-speaking customers? Its either they start learning English or go back home! Ordering something to eat should be in a simple language but immigrants can't expect everyone else to learn their language. It's why immigrants who come to this nation ought be prepared to READ, WRITE, and SPEAK ENGLISH. We will not bend backwards to promote favoritism in their own language.
Hey Joe! Keep handing out those steaks PROUDLY MADE IN THE CITY OF LOVE IN USA! SALUTE TO YOU!
Finally, enjoy Holy Thursday. Today's first day of spring ought to be a special one. As I post this, I'm on my way to the valley where my family comes from. Spending some sweet quiet time there.
Semper FI.

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