Friday, March 21, 2008

Free Money? NYC Inspector caught!

G'day Everyone!

A news article came out about an ATM machine that spits out DOUBLE of the amount of money you ask for. Example you ask for $50, You get $100 from the ATM. Don't believe that happens?

Even here in the Good olde USA, Sherlock has had his share of driving up to an ATM machine and finding extra cash in it. Unfortunately, even if you put in the real amount you want, banks will take the extra effort to extract the extra money, you find in the ATM machine UT OF YOUR ACCOUNT. So was wrong. I've seen this. And yes, banks can't give away free money at all. Any Bank in the world will they you that they are in the business to make money and not LOSE any profit. So I pity those freebie people. Someone should have honestly notify the bank when this massive line showed up.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to say a friend of mine in NYC is alive. But angry that a NYC Inspector got caught doing a huge lie about his job!
Sadly to say he could get 4 years in jail. I'd like to see that SOB get charged with all the involuntarily murder he caused. I hope this guy's performance puts every inspector (of whatever job you got) to please pay attention and DO YOUR JOB RIGHT! Safety of the public is JOB #1. If you don't do it and someone dies, yer going to pay for it!

Today's Good Friday. Normally I'd go out on a religious note. But, seriously to say I hope you will take some time out and go to church services. However, if you are in the mood to laugh (but NOT AT GOD), go visit : and warning: that twinkle twinkle little star isn't going to be happy at ya. Thanks Paotie.
Uh oh.. Streaker, streaker, please run so far.. (ROTFALMAO!!!) See what you started Paotie?

gawash.. May you have a Blessed Good Friday.

Semper FI.

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