Monday, March 17, 2008

The Jordan Legacy is Secured!

G'day Everyone!

I was recently alerted by a fellow Gallaudet alumni that pointed out that the NEW Gallaudet Board of Trustees did something to shock the alumni. I was saying.. *HUH*? This can't be about *OUR Gallaudet Board of Trustees!?!?!*. None the less, my fellow Gallaudet Alumni showed me an e-mail that came out some time ago.


I was outraged to hear the GU Board of Trustees latest action. This little action is what upsets me:

"During the meeting, it was also announced that the University has reached its $31 million goal in The Campaign for Gallaudet's Future to build the James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center and to fund the new I. King Jordan Chair in Leadership. This is the University’s second capital campaign, and both times we have been successful, thanks to the support of our alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Gallaudet. This achievement is surely something we can all share great pride in. " (quote from the web page)

I was aghast! I asked myself a serious question: "Hasn't Gallaudet University's Board of Trustees honored I. King Jordan enough?" Why naming this chair in honor of I.King Jordan in Leadership when the protest broke out in 2006 over the selection of the next president in which Jordan might well have his hand in the cookie jar of that mess? Everyone suspects that pretty much. For Jordan to named a chair in Leadership is a laughing stock of a joke gone so bad, it's stupid!

One person, Jim Byrne (another alumni), has told me the following : "GU BOTs are so stupid to have SAC renamed after IKJ when he isn't even dead yet!".
I have to concur with him on that.

But the greater fact is: Jordan's legacy on the Gallaudet Campus (and in history) is now secured more than ever before. I am really wondering if we should go for the record and have the Gallaudet BoTs to do the ultimate thing: vote to rename Gallaudet University to Jordan University! This seems the very road we are traveling down now.
What a horrible path.
Jordan: The Gallaudet President who's time began with a controversial College Presidential selection /Protest (DPN) and ended with another controversial College Presidential selection/protest (UFG).

Jordan's name and legacy ought to fade away from Gallaudet University so that our campus can be healed. But keeping his name in front of the current and prospective students will make people believe that it is his university more than Edward Miner Gallaudet's dream.
Has the dream been shattered? Yes. Along with all the future recognition that comes with this dream.

Perhaps Gallaudet University BOTs would have been in a better position if they had chosen a president like President Destler who is doing fantastic work at reinventing RIT. The RIT BOTs took every careful step to avoid a controversy like Gallaudet University had and took extreme patience. They involved everyone to make the proper selection of Destler to lead RIT to become a much better university.

What does the future hold for Gallaudet? The dustbin or more protests to come? Will NTID/RIT beat Gallaudet out for more students? What's the next real chapter of Gallaudet University beyond the days of Davila?
As long as Former President Jordan name keeps in front of students and others, it will continue to make an impact. The fate of Gallaudet's future is in the hands of those who run the GU BOTs and their ever present decisions.

As it is Easter 2008, I ask you to pray for them as well as the future of Gallaudet University.


Anonymous said...

Sympathize Gallaudet University for their stupidity!

Jim said...

I am the person that Sherlock mention about SAC building rename IKJ which is plan stupid. But I would correct what I said, Sherlock quote what I said but I said it wrong. I met that any students that are on campus or visit Gallaudet will see IKJ SAC Building. That means that BOT added I King Jordan (IKJ)name to SAC building. That means there is already a building with his name as honor. Now a Chair in name of IKJ in Leadership. Yes I was proud that IKJ was the first Deaf President but he was a bad deaf President that could not do financial things right for Gallaudet during his 19 years. Having saying that, I was proud but now I disappointed in IKJ and wish he would fade out of Gallaudet for a better future.

Sherlock Steve said...

Deaf, I let you know that do have sympathy for Gallaudet University. I just wish the BOTs were intellegent people.

Bluesman: thanks for your posts. They didn't make it past the PG rating.

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Jordan made a horrible mistake when he allowed Joseph Mesa, Jr to return to live in the dorms after he stole $3000. Two murders would have been prevented had Jordan done his job properly and prevented Mesa from returning to live in the dorms.

This means that the Board is honoring a person who failed to do his job and the consequence was two people were murdered. This is not a legacy that should be celebrated.

Sherlock Steve said...

Correct on an old information. Given this point of the legacy, it's clear that Fernandes assisted in this as well. Jordan's legacy should not be given any honor at all UNTIL HE'S DEAD.

Sherlock Steve said...

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The moderator encourges people who have a prime beef with Sherlock to kindly e-mail him. thank you.