Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer trouble, PaRenFaire '08! MdRenFest '08!

G'day Everyone!

I'm amazed to hear that Gov. Eliot Spitzer wife stands by her man in all this Sex Scandal storm going on. As I said before, he's become the worst Governor of NY next to Former Mario "Tax it all" Cuomo. Spitzer's wife ought to think twice about her own political life and do the sane thing: Jump ship while she can politically protect herself. If Spitzer resigns, it will bring some relief to the state and Lt. Gov. Patterson will become the next Governor. Amazingly, The NY Assembly (a type of Congress), which is so much democratic, hasn't much uttered a peep of defense of their main man. (Interesting to say that back in Prez. Bill Clinton's time, all the democrats came to his defense, including the Vice President (which ruined Al Gore's chances to be president! Dumb move, AL! I told you that!) which was amazing. So the question remains. Will the NY Assembly move to impeach him? At this point, for ethical reasons, I'd say THEY SHOULD DO IT TODAY!!

My advice to Spitzer stands firm: Spitzer, for the sake of the New York People, Resign! Your Politcal career is OVER! It's DOA. It's been buried. Resign NOW!
As I'm finishing this post, there is breaking news happening on CNN.com and that Gov. Spitzer might be stepping down today. Stay tuned to www.cnn.com for the latest info!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is stumping in Scranton, PA. That's one of my old childhood hometowns I grew up in. But if she comes to Williamsport, PA.. I'm going to be in that crowd and ready to shoot some questions at her! Obama is suppose to be around my state. McCain is stumping in another state as well.

My apologies to a friend of mine who I meet at the Hatboro, PA local Deaf Expo on March 1st. He was telling me that last year, he had gone to court and won to have the PA Renaissance Faire shows (near Lancaster, PA) to be interpreted for at least 2 special days in August and September '08!

So I'm keeping my promise to him. First: http://www.parenfaire.com/ is the site where you'll find out all about the PA Renassance Faire and other infos.
Second if you want any more info about what's happening there, send an e-mail to: ClarkThursday@aol.com and type in the subject area: PARENFAIRE.

I wanted to also share with my readers another Renaissance Faire site (and have actually been there last year) is the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The place is ABSOLUTELY GENUINE! The experience is wonderful! I haven't regret that last year. This year is suppose to be wonderful time there! There's two web pages about the Maryland Renaissance Festival:
The unofficial page: http://www.mdrenfest.com/
The Official page: http://www.rennfest.com/
If you do go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, please wear hiking clothes and boots! You will do a LOT of walking and the area has some steep hills. If you bring someone in a wheel chair, be prepared to PUSH that person around in it!

I'm debating about joining a Renaissance Festival because well, I always wanted to perform as a Friar, a type of a monk. I already got the bald part down as well as being FAT (shame on me). Some one said that I'd do well as a "Friar Tuck". Yeah, right that I'll play that part if pigs start to fly. Don't hold out any hope please.

Well, that's the day. Enjoy it well. Semper Fi!


Jim said...

If anyone has ever been to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, they know it is fun. I have been there once or twice. It is wonderful and I suggest those who live in Maryland go to it. It would be a good and fun place to go to. It is worth the money and worth to bring extra money to buy food there as the food are really good as well.

Sherlock Steve said...

yep.. The food is really good! An all day feast if you can handle it. I nearly tried EVERYTHING! It's worth the price because it's good quality! I recommend the roast beef!

RSGeo-007 said...

Been there once also before my knees went out. I went normally and in costume. Damn, that was fun in costume.

Remember the footpath that went past the climbing wall? I made it slow down while in costume and a few people took pics of me. Every time I broke away from my group to sit or lean against a tree, it never failed to have people take pics of me.

Gotta agree about the food. I tried a pot pie and turkey leg. Quite good. Bring a lot of water also.

You and me, Sherlock... You as Friar Tuck, me as Katt. Together we'll be show and crowd stoppers.