Monday, March 10, 2008

Fall from Grace for the Governor of NY!

G'day Everyone!

I was literally in shock when the news broke about the Governor Eliot Spitzer being involved in a prostitution ring. It became the worst political disaster for a New York State Governor.

Here's the link:

In the truth of it all, Gov. Spitzer became the top of the worst list of all the Governors of NY State's history. The second worst person is Fomer Governor Mario Cuomo who is known to be the TAX MAN of NY. Any time there was a short fall of a budget, Cuomo's philosophy was to TAX gas, TAX food, TAX anything that he could get his hands on. Even listed a various SIN tax.
Cuomo did not have a good history with the NY State people politically. When he was finally defeated in a landslide, he had to leave under heavy security and without notice.

Will Gov. Spitzer do that? Or will he stay and fight the NY State's Congress' attempt to impeach him? If I were Gov. Spitzer, I'd resign right now and put all the energy into a court room of defense for the days to come. People are going to want him out so they can have a special election for a New Governor.

Gov. Spitzer, Do the right thing for the people of NY State. Resign NOW!! RESIGN NOW!

The shame of what Gov. Spitzer has done makes Bill Clinton look good about his affair with an intern in the White House! The interesting part is.. Gov. Spitzer didn't wag his finger in the media either today!!

semper fi.

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