Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Impeach Spitzer! DPN Vs UFG

G'day Everyone!

My gosh! I am on a rant lately! I'm very passionate to see that Governor Spitzer to be impeached. Why? Well, I've lived in NY State for nearly 25 years of my life. I know what life is like in NY State. People are NOT happy. Taxes are higher than they ever have been since the days of Mario Cuomo. When I was there, people were looking for a way to impeach him. The days of Cuomo were so sure till his last election ended in a landslide for his rival. Cuomo's departure under darkness was understandable.

Presently, with all this indictment of Gov. Spitzer in this sex scandal case, I am sad for him. It seems like this "do-gooder cop of NY" finally got himself dirty. Very dirty. Sadly, his own political life is over. His wife might be honorable to stand by her man if she chooses to. But she ought to leave him high and dry immediately if she wishes to preserve her own political ambitions (similar to what Hillary Clinton has done already).

Meanwhile, I know I swore off posting about the Gallaudet Protest. So I say to "THE TRUTH", forgive me. But I could NOT ignore this blog! It explains the comparisons of both protests clearly. Guy Fawkes of has it right. Here's the link:
Chew on that for a while!

My TV set is glued to CNN today for any possible breaking news if Gov. Spitzer would resign. But if he chooses to stay and fight and go for an impeachment trial, this will be way interesting.
I say: IMPEACH HIM! Spitzer will have his field day. I pity any lawyer who gets hired to defend him. But if Spitzer takes the honorable way out by resignation, it will be good for the people of New York State. I can only imagine how the newspapers are selling at this point. Tabloid news. :-)

Well, only time will tell. Have a nice Semper FI day.

Breaking news! Gov. Spitzer might announce his resignation today! LT. Gov. Patteson will become the next Governor of NY! Keep watching CNN and for further updates!

Update: As it is being said on CNN and Governor Spitzer has formally resigned. It will be set for Monday, St.Paddy's day. Kind of odd he choose to leave on that day as a "happy go luck NY!" kind of tone. Effectively, Lt. Gov. Patterson will be the NEW Governor of NY! Patterson has a lot of work to do. But it will be very interesting to see how Patterson does his job and could go a long way to convince people that Obama might be right for the White House.

My note to Spitzer: Thank you, sir, for making a decision to step down and spare the people of NY of an impeachment. Thank you for taking the honorable way out. SEMPER FI to you.

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Jim said...

Thank you for the link on UFG vs DPN. I do agree DPN was far better and more organized than UFG. I hope and pray that Gallaudet Unversity does not have another Protest. If they do, that will show the hearing society and world that deaf loves to Protest and can't be a mature than others people that don't protest like Gallaudet Unversity student has.