Thursday, March 13, 2008

Personal changes in the life of people.

G'day everyone!

For the people of the NY State, they will be in for a time of an experience to watch a disgraced Governor of NY leave in shame. I do not fault the former Gov. Spitzer's decision to step down, but watching him on TV and making his announcement and apology for his actions, I'm wondering if he's really contrite or not. But I also watched his wife that was on his right. This lady had nothing but PURE FURY in her eyes. She was like trying NOT to show it.

But, I did some thinking in the last 24 hours. Spitzer is human. Sex is a power human nature. A male that has a dick is a powerful tool that must be used in a responsible way. But one has to ask: is it worth to pay some $80,000 to just to fuck a call girl (prostitute) a few times? Is it really worth using money to do that? Unfortunately, in this case, Eliot Spitzer wanted some type of "REAL ACTION" that his wife wasn't giving him. But, moving all that money around? Bad news! Even if Spitzer is just saying sorry that he got caught, he's going to have to be responsible for his actions and accept the changes in his life.

Eliot Spitzer will have his own problems to work out in the years to come. It will be a hell of a legal time for himself. That is if his wife files for divorce and the Fed case continues till it gets resolved.

For Lt. Gov. Patterson, his own political life is about to change. He'll be sworn in and have to jump right into the political business in the State of NY. Nobody likes to do that. But given this case and time, this becomes way important for this to happen for Lt. Gov. Patterson. I say that Lt. Gov (whoops now Governor-to-be Patterson) will do his job correctly. He's got a lot of people helping him!! (SALUTE!)

The people of NY have every right to expect a good transition in the Government of NY State.
But my bigger question is how much will it politically hurt in the presidential race? That remains to be seen until the November elections. I expect that Gov-to-be Patterson will get re-elected in the next election if he does his job well. Depends on the voters of NY!

I don't wish any one having to go through a situation like Eliot Spitzer has. But I do have to say one something to all men, all who are married and single: Please, take care of your dick. Take care of where you put it in, either it be a pussy or an ass. It may be fun to put it there, but I urge you to keep wearing a rain coat on your dick! Do responsible sex!
Find a relationship to enjoy, whatever it be gay or straight. But, most of all don't pay for an escort services! (unless you are single, don't have anyone to fuck with and you are really desperate with a case of blue balls! Good luck!) God knows, we all screw up our lives once in a while and blame it all on our dick. But let's take responsibility for it and control it! THINGS WILL GET BETTER! :-)

So till next time.. I bid you a Semper FI!

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