Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More NCSD problems! / McCain

G'day Everyone!

The latest newspaper to pick up about the North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD) has just picked up of the latest probe by the State of North Carolina into the failed student protest.

Fresh news link:

The official: Dwight Pearson, is claiming to say that the students and staff that were suspended for the following reason: "harassing other students" instead of planning the failed protest.

Oh please! The deaf community has been on top of the story much longer than the NC State officials have been doing their jobs. It's a farce at the moment of all this going on. If there was a time for a lawyer to get involved on the side of the students of the NCSD, the time is now.

Meanwhile: I've been keeping my eye on the political race. I wasn't surprised that Mr. John McCain, former Gallaudet University Board of Trustees member, won the GOP nomination. Basically, I don't trust McCain myself. He hasn't reached out to the deaf community and it is clear that he has no interest in the deaf community. If McCain were to do some major stomping on our campus to bring up support from all of us, he would have to explain why he stayed so silent on the various issues in the Jordan administration.

I no longer like the GOP. I've gone from being a fence sitter (as I usually am) to siding with the democrats this year. Basically, I'm against Bush at the present. But does that mean I'll support Obama or Hillary? I don't think so. I have been asked to support Obama in order to prevent Hillary from taking the nomination. So far I'm staying on Ron Paul. I might switch later when I have more good information.

So, for now, enjoy the mid-week! Semper FI!

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Ridor said...

Hey there: I normally do not care to mention some information on your blog because I find you to be [insert the word here]. ;-)

However, I want to remind the folks about McCain serving on the Board of Trustees -- like I did attempt to leave a comment on that idiot's blog (The so-called withered yellow rose of Texas) -- please to check the minutes of Gallaudet's Board of Trustees whether if Senator McCain has demonstrated his committment to attend more than 75% of BOTs meetings during his 11 years of service.

I can guarantee that he probably showed up less than 5 in 11 years.

By itself, it should tell you what kind of person he is.