Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Arrest Bush and Cheney?

G'day Everyone.

Would you want to put an indictment (arrest warrant) on President Bush and Vice President Cheney? Think about that for a bit.

Go to:

Presently, two towns in USA have proudly announced a non-binding (not real) indictment of President Bush and VP Cheney! The towns are: Brattleboro and Marlboro, Vermont.

To put it to the reasons why this indictment happened, it was referred as " violations of the Constitution". What the article says specifically about that, it didn't say.

I sounds like to me that some towns and states are beginning to start making a stand against President Bush and VP Cheney. The Iraq War is one of the hottest issues. The domestic problems are another.

If the two towns "indictment" are anything, it could set the tone for the remainder of the term of Bush and Cheney's time. Former President Bill Clinton barely survived an Indictment and then attempted Impeachment by Congress near the end of his term. Only to have been found "not guilty" and then later, be poetically embarrassed when the truth came out and many congressional law makers were MAD at him. If you look at how Hillary is looking so separated from Bill Clinton, she's lucky at the present.
But my point is: Will Congress soon draw up an Indictment of Bush and Cheney and then go on for an Impeachment? The stakes are very high in that fact and the chances of this event happening are micro-rare!

With 7 months to go to the next Presidential elections in November, anything can happen.
But more or less, John McCain better keep himself "clean". Because if that group, "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth", pops up again in this election year, I have no doubt they'll create a firestorm like they did for John Kerry.

For now.. let's hope these "indictments" will just fade on their own.

Semper FI to the Vermont towns!

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Jim said...

It seems like one party always hate the other party. When Bill Clinton had his affair at the White House and lied, the Republican wants him impeach but failed to do so. President Bush went to war in Iraq and many people are not happy. The Democrats did not want to impeach him but wanted our troops home. If you wonder why they won't impeach him because he already gotten permission from the Congress to go to war. So he did not violate anything but now he is blew it because he never explain why keep the troops there longer than needed. We don't need to babysit Iraq and let the Iraq deal with the problems in their country. UN should be taken the lead by now and have our troops come home. But sadly, UN doesn't care because they have not yet even told United States to get out of Iraq. I would say lets to do two things, get our troops out of Iraq and kick United Nations out of the United States NOW without waiting another single minute.